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  1. My understanding is that the only hold up between Notre Dame and the NCHC was the NBC Sports deal Notre Dame wanted to maintain.  It makes sense that Notre Dame wasn't willing to do anything to harm their relationship with NBC due to their long history together and the amount of money involved.  In my opinion, the NCHC should have bent on that or worked with Notre Dame to get the whole NCHC on NBCSN.  NBCSN would have been a vast upgrade when compared to CBSSN.  NBCSN is available in way more homes and on the regular Midco cable packages.  Another plus is NBCSN is the same channel NHL is on. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, bincitysioux said:

    They gave up 28 points in the first 26 minutes of the game.  That's terrible against anybody.  The run D was especially brutal.

    People need to stop acting like the defense has been a mirror image of the '85 Bears since Schmidt returned to campus.  Look at the numbers, it has been just as inconsistent as the offense since this staff took over.  Way better than what it was under the previous regime, but not where it needs to be.

    They really need to look at scrapping the 3-4.  It was installed 25 years ago to stop the veer.  How many veer teams are still out there?  How many teams still implement a 3-4?  Less than 5?

    Interesting article on NFL defenses last year: https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stat-analysis/2019/2018-defensive-personnel-analysis

  3. 1 minute ago, Siouxperfan7 said:

    Give people the opportunity to buy season tickets at the 50 yard line and I guarantee sections 213 and 214 will have more fans in the stands than the students have week to week.

    But will there be more fans (total) in the building week to week?

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  4. 2 minutes ago, the green team said:

    I agree that there has to be a product and they have to market it.  So you your saying "the product" is the "team", and the team had better win games...because that is the thing that is marketing NDSU's product.  Everyone wants to be attached to a winner.  That's easy marketing.  When my businesses are winning, everything is easy.  That's what it boils down to me.  If UND had just won 9 championships in a row...everybody is going to want to attached or associated with it... the marketing takes care of itself.

    Just for the sake of it, I will point out that UND has relatively recently won a national championship (hockey).  

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  5. 1 minute ago, the green team said:

    Why is this a UND issue and not a Minot radio/community issue?  From my understanding... the stations in Minot all have and had and continue to have an opportunity to take UND Sports, they are apparently choosing not to.  That's a programming decision or a belief that local businesses in the community won't spend money for the local commercial breaks they are given to sell within a broadcast to build revenue from those broadcasts.  A couple of my companies have used UND radio not only the network- which is sold out of GF, but we've also bought time on a few of the various local stations that carry the games in various markets that we do business in, because they have inventory in every broadcast too, and that's how the local station like a Devils Lake etc...can make some dollars on it.  If people call the stations and say they want UND Football or Hockey, or even better-- potential sponsors go to them...enough requests stations would most likely consider it.  It's a dollar and business issue for the station/market. 

    I've asked these very questions at sponsor parties I've attended...and get very forthright answers from those involved.  From my business perspective this really seems to be a Minot issue.  It sounds as if the  option has been and remains there if Minot stations want it.   You can't make a farmer plant a crop that he doesn't want to plant...just like you can't force a radio station to take something they don't want to take.  My only question is why isn't businesses in Minot with perhaps UND ties, coming up with the sponsorship dollars in a market like this? 

    When I'm traveling in the east I tend to utilize the Eastern North Dakota stations, but I have turned to the app more to listen the further west I get.

    In my opinion, this is a two way street- UND has a marketable product and should work to sell it in the entire state.  The Minot area businesses are apparently not supporting UND because there is no market for UND's product there.  UND should develop that market and create demand for their product.  NDSU has quite a few more radio stations as well as a statewide television deal that is better.  NDSU has completely surpassed UND in marketing, product quality, and consequently, money and support. 

    As a result, as Mama Sue notes a few posts above, NDSU now has loads of local and regional sponsorship that UND doesn't have. 

    UND has to create a product and market it so that it is attractive to everyone in the state and consequently businesses will support it.  

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  6. 15 minutes ago, Mama Sue said:

    Administration is more at the crossroads than the coaching staff, IMHO..... we need facilities, scholarships, and salaries for coaches.

    Look at that non-public money in the Fargodome.... sponsorship after sponsorship.

    The last game there (?year).... they were giving away free pizza coupons taped under the seats. JuiceU has progressed from that, for sure. Someone needs to start the infrastructure for us.....

    They do need new turf... it is worn..... otherwise the technology, signs, and announcing all point to money from the community.

    UND has some stuff to get sorted.  I posted in another thread about radio- UND can't even their games (football and hockey) on a radio station in Minot, the state's 4th largest city.  

  7. 2 hours ago, andtheHomeoftheSIOUX!! said:

    Highly disappointing to not get the game on the radio in Minot this weekend.  

    UND Radio Network:

    • Grand Forks (Hockey, Football, Basketball)
    • Fargo (Hockey, Football, Basketball)
    • Bismarck (Hockey, Football)
    • Beulah (Hockey, Football)
    • Devils Lake (Hockey, Football)
    • Dickinson (Hockey, Football)
    • Jamestown (Hockey)
    • Langdon (Hockey)
    • Mahnomen (Hockey, Football)
    • Warroad (Hockey)
    • Williston (Hockey, Football)


    NDSU Radio Network:

    • Fargo (Football, Basketball)
    • Ada (Football)
    • Bemidji (Football)
    • Bismarck (Football)
    • Bowman (Football)
    • Brainerd (Football)
    • Detroit Lakes (Football)
    • Devils Lake (Football)
    • Dickinson (Football)
    • Fergus Falls (Football)
    • Fosston (Football)
    • Glenwood (Football)
    • Grafton (Football)
    • Harvey (Football)
    • Jamestown (Football)
    • Minneapolis-St. Paul (Football)
    • Minot (Football)
    • Oakes (Football)
    • Park Rapids (Football)
    • Roseau (Football)
    • Rugby (Football)
    • Thief River Falls (Football)
    • Wahpeton (Football)
    • Williston (Football)

    Poor coverage for UND sports over radio.  Also, it appears that NDSU games are on generally "bigger" stations then UND games.  



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