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  1. Rick's his cousin, and it was Rick's dad Al that invested heavily in Great Plains in the 80's. When Microsoft bought Great Plains Rick was the majority shareholder. Doug and his two siblings were a close second though.
  2. How is the opponent getting screwed over? They're getting a boatload of money. The only way they get screwed over is if the deal is for a home/home and NDSU doesn't honor the back end of the deal.
  3. LOL. So the FBS wins don't count?
  4. NDSU grad


    Yes, Augustiner seems to be the favorite of the locals. Ayinger's doppelbock (Celebrator) is my favorite beer of all time.
  5. So the NDHSAA has put all their old yearbooks on-line, dating back to 1909. They have all the district, region, and state basketball scores for Classes A, B, and C. It's crazy to see how many schools their used to be in the state. Here's the link. https://ndhsaa.com/about/yearbook
  6. NDSU grad


    Augustiner was my favorite beer. Honestly, all the tents were kind of a blur, I can't remember which one was the most fun.
  7. LOL. Pretty much every building west of Bolley Drive was once ag research land. NDSU has plenty of space out at Prosper for research. The only land they wouldn't be able to build on is the historic flax wilt plot, plot 30. You have no idea what you're talking about.
  8. That statement has nothing to do with being land-locked.
  9. Yep. Which is probably a good thing. I'm not anti-tuition waiver, but I think there should be some guidelines on how they're handled.
  10. Land-locked? There's about 200 acres of agricultural land west of campus. That being said, there's no way NDSU (or UND) is going to grow much beyond 15,000 with the budget forecast the way it is.
  11. I just browsed the 2015-2017 appropriations report from the NDUS. Do they transfer some salaries from the Department of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources into the extension budget? That's the only way I could see them doing that.
  12. According UNDBIZ, there is not a line item for athletics for appropriated funds. NDSU just chooses to allocate more of that state money to athletics than UND. UND already gets more state dollars than NDSU.
  13. I don't give a crap. I won't be on the bus.
  14. Administrative salaries and travel expenses. Cut back on team meals, find cheaper vendors for certain things. Find avenues to increase revenue. There's lots of ways to do this.
  15. What would you suggest Darrell? I'm on pins and needles waiting for your informed and well-educated response.
  16. Those numbers are completely irrelevant as far as Title IX is concerned. It was never meant to be a mandate that opportunities had to be a 1:1 men/women ratio. NDSU is not even close to being non-compliant regarding Title IX, no matter how much Hawk fans want them to be.
  17. NDSU's Title IX compliance is awesome, at least as far as the feds are concerned.
  18. I have no reason to doubt you, but I find it odd UND would get 60% of appropriated funds from the state compared to NDSU. When the state appropriates funds, do they mandate specific departments they go to based on a formula? And how much 'wiggle room' does each university's presidents have in regards to allocating appropriated funds?
  19. Kolpack's my source. I probably have much too faith in him that he's right, but until I see something different it's all we have to go on. I tried to find the number on the NDUS site, but it's very difficult to find budget line item detail on that.
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