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  1. I think you make some good points except for the scholarships. I don't believe there is anything actually written on paper in Title IX legislation that mandates equal scholarships. There is alot of wording about having equal facilities, the same number of coaches for a particular men and women's sport, etc. I have also heard that men and women's scholarships must be equivocal (sp) to the student body ratio. If this is true, then in NDSU's case no additional women's scholarships would be necessary even after the addition of 27 additional football scholarships. This is based on complete funding of sports that NDSU already sponsors. I totalled them up and after the additional 27 football scholarships NDSU would have 114.87 scholarships for the men and 75 for the men. That's about a 1.5:1 ratio, which is pretty close to the male:female student body ratio (last data I've seen on that is 58% to 42%). But I guess my main point is that all anybody says (including myself) is pure conjecture and probably doesn't really mean a hill of beans.
  2. I can't say this is true for sure, but I think I remember reading on the d2football site that Coors and Monfort ponied up some big bucks for UNC athletics. This may be driving their move to D1.
  3. Erbes is definitely a question mark. But he could also turn out to be another Ross Pankratz. He was a guy who had the same knock on him. Too slow, no athletic ability. He was a star for some very good Northern State teams, one of which went to the elite eight. And Ross was pretty much completely ignored by the North Dakota schools. Not saying Erbes will be that good, but I think nonetheless he will be a solid contributor.
  4. Sic, If you seriously think McFeely's a Bison fan, you are truly delusional. I do find some of his columns somewhat funny, though. And maybe you should take Tony's post for the humor it is.
  5. I should have added I am a little biased since I went to the same high school as Adam. Kyle may have a huge upside, but I don't think he would ever be a very good offensive player in college. He may be the type of kid who could give you 10 boards and five blocked shots a game. But to stay on topic, I think UND will be good next year if they can find a point guard. Do they have any freshman recruits at that position?
  6. I last saw Kyle Nelson in the state championship game as a junior and was not impressed. I thought Adam Grant was twice the ballplayer he was. Unless he's improved immensely the last year, I don't think he has the physical ability to play in the NCC. Just my two cents.
  7. In the BSC game, Eastern Washington had a player named Greg Smith who came off the bench. He played for the Bison as freshman, but I never thought he was that good. It looked like he contributed to EWU about as much as he contributed to the Bison. It might be erroneous to compare two conferences by the play of one player, but just by looking at this guy I too would say there's not that much difference between the two conferences.
  8. Sicatoka, As WyoBisonman stated, you are correct on the DI-AA, DII lists, but I think Southern Utah has been AA for awhile. Also, I'm pretty sure last year was UNC's provisionary year. I guess I'm just as confused as everyone else, I thought UNC would have to play a full slate I-AA teams this year.
  9. How many games in a row does South Dakota have to lose to fall out of the top eight; 15, 20!!
  10. Good point. As far as the alleged touching/pushing incident. If it comes out that an NDSU student was responsible for instigating this incident, I could not expect a fellow coach to restrain himself in this instance. However, in the case of verbal abuse, IF what was said was "nice afro", along with other things to get under the skin of Sioux coaches, the assistants have to learn to handle these situations with more class and dignity.
  11. An interesting note: the sioux men's basketball has the same number of African-American coaches as the women's team (two). Let's assume that the bison students were riding the coaches just as hard during the men's game as they were the women's game. From this I would conclude that either Rich Glas has much better control over his coaches than does Gene Roebuck, or the women's assistant coaches were simply pissed off because they lost the game.
  12. I agree with BisonMav that lumping all (or most) Bison fans into an anti-Sioux nickname coalition is a bit premature. I don't really care what UND's nickname is, and I would guess (maybe I'm being a bit premature) that most Bison fans feel the same. I know the Bison student senate passed the stupid resolution concerning the Sioux name, but I guess that's the world we live in. Style over substance. In saying that, I do know that when accreditation boards come to visit campus, NDSU generally gets high marks for their facilities, quality of education, etc., but get knocked pretty hard for lack of diversity (whatever that means). Maybe the resolution was a way to get these boards to consider that NDSU is aware of the situation and is doing something about it.
  13. Rocky Hager also fit that category when he was hired in 87(unless you count high school nine-man football). Personally, I would rather have a DI guy with tons of experience rather that "bringing up" a guy who has head coaching experience at a lower level. In the long run, though, it probably doesn't matter. A good coach is a good coach, and I feel confident Bohl is the guy.
  14. It must have been our impressive win against Trinity Bible College Monday night. These rankings are absolutely ridiculous. I didn't think the Bison deserved to be knocked out of the top 10 for a 2 point loss to St. Cloud, and I figured after sweeping last weekend eighth would be the best I could hope for. UNO should be out of the top 10 for sure, and maybe USD as well.
  15. I don't see NDSU dropping wrestling. In all reality, nobody wrestles in a conference because of the very small number of wrestling programs. I think there are 5 schools in the Big 12 that sponsor wrestling, for instance. Also, I don't think the probationary period in wrestling will matter either because there are alot of good high school wrestlers that don't get any scholarship money for a few years. In response to whether UND should sponsor wrestling again, I think it would be a great opportunity for them if Title IX restrictions are relaxed. I would guess there might be a some infusion of money from the hockey program that could be diverted to wrestling. Just speculation, though.
  16. NDSU is not "deviating" from their status as a land grant institution at all. It's convenient how you left out the part of the Morrill Act that says "without excluding other scientific and classical studies". The goal of the Morrill Act was never to train people to be farmers, but rather to provide a network of trained scientists from research personnel to extension, with the goal of using the latest scientific innovations in the field of agriculture (and other disciplines). I apologize for the history lesson, but sometimes I really get sick of the "cow college" crap. Other "cow colleges" include Rutgers, Cornell, and Purdue.
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