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  1. mnbison

    2014 Recruiting

    Nope, all I was saying is Timmerman isn't a homer for NDSU.
  2. mnbison

    2014 Recruiting

    Pretty sure it was Timmerman who said it and he is far from an NDSU homer.
  3. I heard BF has reached out to the Dos Equis man. He doesn't always coach defense but when he does it comes with teh crazy speed. Good luck with your search, it will be interesting to see the group of candidates UND brings on campus and how it all plays out.
  4. Another good one, coaches speeding, players pleading! Goon, other than the article posted, I've got nothing but he was caught with them. Were the charges dropped, yes, but that doesn't change the fact that he had them. Maybe they weren't his, just holding them for a friend.........Keep them coming boys, good stuff! If you can't laugh at yourself, then who can you laugh at, right?
  5. Not too bad boys but let's not mix NDSU players up with yours, OK? Thanks and enjoy the upcoming season.
  6. mnbison

    Week 5 Polls

    83, first off, thank you for the link. My guess is Dale is responding to a question asked of him about the SEC and MVFC but he went with it. Second, go back and read my post, you might see where I bring up the media and fans. Oh well, maybe instead of pointing the finger at me, you should be more clear in how you state things. For example, MVFC fans and media say they are just like the SEC rather than the MVFC says........see what I'm getting at? That's the only reason I brought Patty up becasue your statement points the finger at the conference. Hey, no big deal. Good luck against CP.
  7. mnbison

    Week 5 Polls

    That's interesting 83, care to share a link where anyone from the MVFC has said what is quoted above since I haven't seen it. Now if you said some fans or even media said that then I wouldn't be surprised at all but since you said the MVFC calls themselves the SEC of FCS, well then I'd like to read where Patti V or someone else with the conference said it. I don't think MVFC is like the SEC. I would say right now it appears the conference is pretty good but it's still early in the season.
  8. That's fine, you can call it what you like but have you looked at the Sagarin conference rankings? If the Summit is as you say, what does that make the Big Sky and Great West? Actually ranking don't mean much in a game like this, a lot of things can happen and I'm sure WYO was just messing around, no reason to go all message board serious on what he said. Since we are talking Sagarin rankings, quite the difference between NDSU and UND there too, almost 200 spots. But as they say, that's why they play the games, I'm sure it will be a fun one to be at for those who can make it. As for overconfidence, I don't think the game is hanging on what one fan in WY says on a message board, now if Saul had come out and said we don't need to stinkin' practice for the Sioux you might have a point, but since he hasn't might I suggest you calm down a bit. Hey WYO nice seeing you in Frisco, hope you enjoyed the GB Nordeast.
  9. I guess I don't see why UND fans would not want to keep playing for the Nickel when the teams play again in the regular season. I read a lot about how Sioux fans are going to continue to wear Sioux stuff so wouldn't this keep a small part of your tradition alive? I mean it's a coin with two images on it, last I checked there are still US coins with Native American images on them being used. I don't think the agreement with the NCAA says anything about it, so game on I say. Now if the teams were to play in the post season, then I agree, it stays with the last team that won it in regular season play just like in the DII days. Just my five cents, take it or leave it I guess.
  10. I'm sorry but I just have to ask this simple question Dave, do you like the name more than the university itself? I mean the stuff you come up with is beyond me but UND is still going to be UND. The teams will be the same, play in the same city or are they moving to Grafton and changing the name to the Spuds? If that's the case, then you might be onto something, if not, well then best of luck to you.
  11. Oh come on guys, I get it, this is a Sioux board but let's not forget who offered an every other year deal. Yes, it was Gene Taylor and UND said no. Now UND and their fans seem to understand the every other year offer since you're in a conference with more than four other teams. Oh and for the record, I could care less as well but damn it would be fun. I, like most Nodaks have good friends who support both schools and back in the day it was one big party leading up to the game. Lots of trash talk, but all in good fun. In fact I'm willing to bet that if you took most Bison and Sioux fans from these boards and put them next to each other at a tailgate everyone, well minus a few select posters on both sides, would have a blast. Sorry to bust up your Gene bashing fest, please feel free to continue.
  12. Honest question, what makes the Sioux hockey team any more Fighting Sioux than any other team on campus? If I were a player or former player from any other sport at UND I'd take a bit of offense to that, it's not like those teams are any less UND.
  13. I'll take what's behind door number two. Where are you going to watch the football game Petey23?
  14. mnbison

    FCS Post Season

    Well Oxbow, that's not what the voice of Fighting Sioux football thinks, but whatever works for you.
  15. Congrats on your invite to the BSC, exciting times for all UND fans.
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