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  1. Thanks guys for the update...l see it is on 626 DirecTV.
  2. After the 1st 4 games, the teams the Bison have played have a combined record of 3-16. You would think they would have nipped this in the butt right away and dealt with suspensions a month ago.
  3. Just ordered 5 tickets through Ticketmaster, should be a lot of fun. Love to see the Alerus sold out.
  4. When I complained when I was a kid, my mom would say "You'd complain if you were hung by a new rope". I never really understood that until now.
  5. I really don't understand this way of thinking. The guy donates millions of $$$ to the college you seem to support. The USA is a land of opportunity(at least it was at one time), Harold Hamm was a guy who started with nothing and acheived the American dream. watchmaker49...I don't think there's any question your bringing a political issue into a great donation to the University of North Dakota.
  6. I don't see the smack-talk message...darell1976 simply posted stats that told both the good & bad of the North Dakota football team in the 1st 3 games.
  7. Right now TJ Oshie is the leading scorer on the best team in the NHL...VERY COOL.
  8. 5 years later and the only rink we have at the Urban Plains Site is the Scheels Arena. Rumor has it that the 4 youth rinks are moving in the right direction.
  9. I was at the Force game Saturday night, we got there early. Some friends made it in just before they cut off ticket sales, sounds like there was a big line behind them. Great to see the Force playing well and the fans getting behind them.
  10. LB#11


    The Great Oz to you lefties is George Soros...he's been pulling the strings for years now. You should be proud of an Anti-American in charge of America.
  11. Watched the Blues 4-2 Win over the Ducks last night...TJ Oshie scored 2 goals, Chris Porter scored 1 goal. After the game they interviewed both Oshie & Porter, they then sent the broadcast back upstairs where they joked that this isn't a Fighting Sioux broadcast. They preceded to give the University of North Dakota hockey program some high praise...way to represent boys.
  12. Fargo is making the change to the ADM System this year. The Bantam, Pee Wee & Squirts will all go under the Fargo Freeze name instead of the Flyers & Raiders. The Angels will still be the Angels.
  13. The Bison were better in every phase of that game, the Gophers are terrible. I'm sure a lot of Bison fans had a great time in Minneapolis taking out the Gophers on their home turf, but Coach Bohl knows he has tougher competition coming up in the MVC. Personally I'm not a fan of Bohl's, but he's a good coach & will make sure his players know that this was not that big of a win in the big picture. Hopefully the Sioux can take strides in getting themselves better, which they seem do be doing. Can you imagine how big the Sioux/Bison game will be when they play in a couple years? Of course by then we won't be called the Sioux.
  14. I totally get what you're saying, except the other way around. Living in Fargo the past 21 years, I've obviously got a lot of friends who are Bison fans. I've tried to cheer for the Bison, to no avail.
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