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  1. My bad, though you might have been one of those out in the real world somewhat.  :lol:  :lol:


    I try not to be, but i cant see how accumulating 160K in debt wont put there in a hell of a hurry :lol::lol:

    I should be studying for finals :lol::silly:

  2. You mean to tell me that your actually not missing that and enjoying the fact that you have to work now?? :lol::lol::lol::silly::lol:


    bigmrg, are you kidding me, i dont work!

    Im in grad school, i take out 40K a year to play on the internet!

  3. That, and I'm missing out on those cycliest talking about the Tour de Georgia and how Lance is going to retire after whips butt again in France.


    im not missing that stupid crap at all, i hate when people take over message boards and think they need to post there 2 cents on everything, whether it applies or not, and of couse they are allways right :silly:

  4. Great season by the sioux....

    we can't always expect perfection...but you have to be proud of this team.

    to overexcede for 3 months, wow what a great run.

    congrats to coach hakstol, and the seniors.

    it is always tough to accept a loss, but that is how it goes.

    way to go sioux......your a winner in my book.


    You need to close the tags in your sig.

    Try this instead:

    A nickle earned is a Nickle that you never let go of.


    thanks i was wonderin if it was just because i made the post . this is a test to see if it is fixed

  6. I see you joined this site in February. What does that make you?


    Cause the sioux bandwagon was really hittin hard the end of january?

    no offense was intended, call the dogs off.

    The skippy sign was a low blow... damn, sometimes it takes a dose of reality to set a guy strait. Thanks gentlemen.

  7. chill out,

    where does it show i have ran to there board and act like a jerk.

    This post was a test, and a joke

    I didnt figure any of the bandwagoneers would have the marbles to post on this site, which as evident by the 0 replies.

    It wasnt intended to be a shot at gopher fans that hang here and are classy, they are true hockey fans.

    Its just nice to see the fans that talk the most smack(and know the least) get shut up....

    Movin on.

    Paukovich, meet matt greene. :ohmy::D;)

  8. This is true, but would be true for any team that plays the play-in game if a locked down schedule (#1 seed playing Friday night) were put in place as the play-in winner will always have to face the 1 seed.


    as stated before, if the gophs were in the play in game, and played fri night, they would get the advantage of a larger crowd...over the #1 seed. Do they deserve that?

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