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  1. chill out,

    where does it show i have ran to there board and act like a jerk.

    This post was a test, and a joke

    I didnt figure any of the bandwagoneers would have the marbles to post on this site, which as evident by the 0 replies.

    It wasnt intended to be a shot at gopher fans that hang here and are classy, they are true hockey fans.

    Its just nice to see the fans that talk the most smack(and know the least) get shut up....

    Movin on.

    Paukovich, meet matt greene. :ohmy::D;)

  2. This is true, but would be true for any team that plays the play-in game if a locked down schedule (#1 seed playing Friday night) were put in place as the play-in winner will always have to face the 1 seed.


    as stated before, if the gophs were in the play in game, and played fri night, they would get the advantage of a larger crowd...over the #1 seed. Do they deserve that?

  3. Bay City, you have my condolences.  ;)

    Yeah, I know how you feel about spreading the Gospel around here in Michigan.  You're either a State fan or a Michigan fan, with that token Norte Dame or even worse, OSU person around.  If you're not one of those teams, nobody really pays a whole lot of attention to ya, no matter how good you are.


    tell your buddy bcon that!! :)???;):lol:

  4. Do you guys realize that these players are "Students"..Its frustrating to read the opinions of a few...Nobody wants to win more or tries harder then The Coaching Staff,and Players...Coach Glas is currently , 10 wins away from being the all time winngest  Mens coach in History..He will break Coach Gunthers record next year and Gunther is a LEGEND!..Maybe we should just buy our Tickets,watch the game as entertainment,which it should be and relax...I really enjoy a double header B-Ball Games...better than any movie


    Im not questioning Glas' intentions, im sure he wants to win.. I am simply raising the question on whether or not anyone thinks he is part of the reason for the lack of consistant success...be it in the conference or region. It is great that he has nearly as many wins as gunthers...but doesnt answer the question if he has done a poor job in getting all the talent outta the team that was there. COULD he have passed the mark 2 years ago?:0

    it was a question for debate...based on trends...i simply put it out there as a point of discussion for mens bball.

    We all like the sioux.......this discussion board can get deeper than rah rah...try hard.

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