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  1. Well, considering how the Big 10 is far and away the most competitive conference top to bottom in all of college football... any team that goes 15-17 within the Big 10 over a span of four years will destroy NDSU. Even a team that goes 10-22 within the Big 10 would destroy NDSU.

    Whos feeding you the minnesota kool-aide?

    the big 10 is FAR AND AWAY the most competitive?

    have you heard of the SEC? not even close my friend

  2. Look PCM, all I am saying is that is many people in the South refer to anyone that was born above the Mason-Dixon line a Yankee. Most of the time it is preceeded by the F word or the GD yankees or something like that. I know a lot of Canadians, including my friends, that call anyone born south of the 49th a Yankee. I get called a Yankee on a regular basis from clients, friends, and others. I think, could be wrong, the term is from the civil war referring to the union. I swear some of the old timers around here, especially out in the sticks, think that you can't trust them Yanks because you never know when another civil war might break out. I guess I don't hate it but I would prefer not being called one. I think what bothers me the most about the term is that I FRICKIN HATE THE NY YANKEES.

    A. Just going off my personal experiences living down here

    B. Didn't mean to get your panties in a bunch.

    Impossible, he wears a thong. :love:

    Edit: Diapers :lol:

  3. I'm not sure about the history of UND athletics, but I'd have to think that there have been some athletes on some of the teams that are Sioux. Wouldn't it be a good idea to have some of them give a statement on their opinion of the logo and the school environment?

    commie when he raises the cup?

  4. not exactly hockey, but just look for the speed skating world record, and convert the time and distance to mph and you have the fastest men on ice.

    not that i will do the work. but a little less estimation

  5. Your last paragraph hit it on the head sioux-cia,

    as a soon to be doc, i would certainly love the opportunity to practice eye care in grand forks, and even though it is fairly saturated, the quality of life and people are a big reason i am willing to take less of a return on my education.

    i do think it is vital that the "non-hospital" on the south of town becomes a hospital, i think the health care system of grand forks could benefit greatly.

  6. I think the starters on the defense are a very talented and game-tested group. Brennan, Enger, Wolff, Cadwell and ZBJ or Bodoh on the front / Ullsperger and Schmitz or Meek on the inside ( Ullsperger moved to Diggers spot and Schmitz and Meek will probably share time opposite him) / Hoffsneider, Greenwood, DeSautel and Alexander in the secondary. What this defense needs to be great are some hungry "2's" to spell and push the starters.

    isnt ZBJ gonezo?? i thought i heard rumblings of this around nov/december, anyone remember?

  7. Yeah, cuz I'm such a bad guy. :D :D It was a joke. Of course I realize that game was 'heard' around the hockey community, but we wouldn't be fans of our respective programs if we didn't take good-natured jabs at each other once in a while. I wasn't being literal, but unforunately that doesn't seem to be the case for a few others. ;)

    trying to hijack the thread??

    deflect the attention from the terrible 'luck' the gophs suffered.

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