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  1. Hak better be tearin into this team right now, unless there is something going on within in the team that he is trying to work through words should be flying, maybe its time to question these guys, call em out see if anyone has the cahoneys to play like a man.

  2. Fun arena! I wish I was going. I have been in the past and it is a good time.

    Security is upped for the series I think because I have been to many other games and it seems like they don't have as many guards. A couple of years ago one of them tried to kick me out because he mistook me for somebody else or a gopher fan told him I was being abnoxious, which I wasn't. I was upset at first, but after he understood that it was a misunderstanding everything was good. I ended up sitting behind Bochenski's hot mom because there were some open seats behind the Sioux bench. I think that was the game when there was a huge delay because the ice was messed up and Goldy was moon-skating through the fire extingusher smoke.

    ive gotten wine drunk with bo's mom in him and schneiders dorm room!!!!

    she was in town for a game he got benched in 01!

  3. i too like grahamcraker's sig line,

    by chance i happened upon this little ditty while looking at famous quotes.

    what do you guys all think of this.....

    Mitakuye Oyasin.

    [We are all related.]

    Lakota Belief

    that 'belief' surely isnt being portrayed by a real lakota grahamkracker......

  4. Damnit Damnit Damnit

    WHY DOES SIOUX / RODENT WEEKEND HAVE To be this weekend....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    so here is the dilema(i think i know what you all will say)

    Im in portland,OR

    the satellite party was great last year

    A. You stay at home and study for the 7 finals you have in 5 days.

    B. say the hell with grad school and the 100k youve allready invested in it.


    is dataflix working well enough to be worth my time?:D

  5. I respect the opinions that others have put forth so far on this issue, it is obvious that age differences are causing the division between city officials and students.

    My first springfest was in 2002, the year of the riot, i will admit it was absolutely outa control, and people could have easily gotten hurt. In the subsequent 3 springfests, the increased police enforcement and planning have IMO made it a controlled chaos that isnt out of hand.

    Some of you wish to change it back to the old way, i just dont think that is even close to a reality. It is the sad truth that students and young adults in general want to have alcohol involved with most social functions they take part in. You may say, well my son/daughter doesnt need alcohol to have fun at college, i may guess that your son/daughter isnt telling you everything they do!

    I think the students have done a great job of controlling themselves since 2002, and its a testament to there maturity, they realized that complete gluttony wasnt going to be tolerated and they gave a little. I would hope the city could realize this and grant the students the same amount of respect i feel they have earned.

    You may not think drinking is necessary for a college good time, it may be wisdom, and i respect that. But, wisdom is most easily learned through experience, and i am sure glad i was able to experience my four springfests!!

  6. GK,

    I am confused, you try to deflect the history of YOUR people by saying how they were peaceful and friendly, yet you BRAG about their conquests/battles. You are proud of the way your people fought, and rightfully so. That is how UND by using the fighting sioux as a team name, is bringing honor to the sioux. It is honoring for someone to remember valiant and brave acts, as UND is by recognizing that the actions of Sioux people many years ago were indeed that.

    Your culture does not revolve around money?:blush: Wasn't more than a decade ago every reservation in the state was lining up to build a casino. Is that because NA really love video poker? It is about the $$, so is the NCAA. I will say you do not need money to have a rich life, but for you to say something so ignorantly is doing dis-service to your own level of intelligence.

  7. My bad, though you might have been one of those out in the real world somewhat.  :lol:  :lol:


    I try not to be, but i cant see how accumulating 160K in debt wont put there in a hell of a hurry :lol::lol:

    I should be studying for finals :lol::silly:

  8. You mean to tell me that your actually not missing that and enjoying the fact that you have to work now?? :lol::lol::lol::silly::lol:


    bigmrg, are you kidding me, i dont work!

    Im in grad school, i take out 40K a year to play on the internet!

  9. That, and I'm missing out on those cycliest talking about the Tour de Georgia and how Lance is going to retire after whips butt again in France.


    im not missing that stupid crap at all, i hate when people take over message boards and think they need to post there 2 cents on everything, whether it applies or not, and of couse they are allways right :silly:

  10. Great season by the sioux....

    we can't always expect perfection...but you have to be proud of this team.

    to overexcede for 3 months, wow what a great run.

    congrats to coach hakstol, and the seniors.

    it is always tough to accept a loss, but that is how it goes.

    way to go sioux......your a winner in my book.


    You need to close the tags in your sig.

    Try this instead:

    A nickle earned is a Nickle that you never let go of.


    thanks i was wonderin if it was just because i made the post . this is a test to see if it is fixed

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