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  1. Hopefully Coack Kotels has the kick return team ready to go...
  2. Ok. I got it. YOu guys are so quick on the trigger there's four posts by the time I finish one...
  3. Keep up the updates. I'm just loggin in from DC. Where do we have the ball at???

    UND v GVSU

    I registered for the webcast through the GVSU/CSTV website and don't see any game...

    UND v GVSU

    Is anyone else having problems with the CSTV - GVSU gamecast? I can't get it to work and it's really pissing me off.

    UND vs CWU

    Does anyone have the link for us to complain about the webcast? I can't see anything...I want my money back...
  7. Yes I was. I should relax. It was a great year, with a great senior class. I just think the best of all was 2001. We overcame many years of getting to the playoffs and not getting the big one. Again, this was a great game, with great players. Congratulations on the great season. I hate GVSU, but they won, and have had the best team over the past five years (it pains me to say that). Good luck Sioux in 2007.
  8. I don't mean to upset this year's senior class. They had a great 4 years. Just saying the National Championship win trumps. Congrats on a great year. I can't say the 2001 team would have won at GVSU. But they did beat them when it counted.
  9. Greatest sioux senior class of all time? come on. No question it was the 2001 class. Fricken' National champs. Go Sioux. Still a great season.

    NDSU Football

    The more I thought about this game the more I was cheering for the Gophers and wish they would have blown out NDSU. I'm definitely not a Bison fan or a Gopher fan, but where's the talk about how this game effects the Sioux? (Note: I didn't read the game thread from yesterday so this may have already been discussed.) The fact that this game was close hurts the Sioux. The Bison coaches can tour the area saying how they played with a Big Ten team and should have won. Recruits will eat this up and have more of a reason to play for the Bison. I'm happy for the state of ND, although I'm from MN, am an adopted son of ND. But recruiting for the Sioux is only going to get worse this fall and winter. All the Sioux fans that were crowing for an NDSU win will eat their words when the top MN/ND/SD/WI recruits choose NDSU over UND.
  11. Coach Chapman gets a big victory over Northwestern...
  12. Chadron leads Montana St. 28-10 now. Anything can happen today, boys...
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