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  1. I think it’s pretty safe to say we might not see a player like Smith again for quite a while. Certain players might be able to replace parts of his game, but likely not the complete package. Combination of speed, size, motor, toughness, puck protection. Once he became more disciplined, he was quite the player. I do agree with the Weatherby suggestion as maybe the closest thing.
  2. Anyone know for sure what the rule is here? Being able to transfer within conference could really turn out to be a nightmare.
  3. Jeff Cox is saying that Jack Dugan will sign with Vegas. He says “matter of when, not if.” Would obviously be a huge loss for Providence
  4. I know that.. I was comparing their eligibility situations, and that’s it. Potentially coming as a grad transfer.
  5. Anyone know more about the Sean Dhooghe situation? Wondering if he graduated and is similar to Michaud’s situation, or if he’d have to sit out. Would UND have any interest either way?
  6. I would say as a young kid, being the most popular on campus would be pretty appealing too. Probably a little harder to achieve that at those bigger schools with FBS football, etc. And if college is just another step, you’d think the facilities are pretty attractive too
  7. What’s the appeal of playing for these B1G schools these days? Empty arenas, underachieving teams, weak conference with no titles, etc.. yet the Michigans, Wisconsins, and Minnesotas attract lots of high end recruits
  8. Makes you wonder if others will soon follow suit. Caulfield, Miller, etc...
  9. Seems like UND must at least be involved. A tweet of Charlie’s popped up on my timeline because Berry liked it. And Charlie is following coach Berry as well. Granted he could be following other coaches and stuff too, but still interesting either way and that’s the extent of my research
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