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  1. Well, thankfully, I don’t have to hear of or see Kett again. What an emotionally unstable QB. Also lacks talent. Geese, thanks for graduating!!! Bubba is living in the 90’s trying to catch 2019 style. Sick of his old man ways of thinking, lack of emotion, and blatant inconsistencies. Always looks like he’s holding in a fart on the sidelines while trying to calm Kett from a stupid play. Just done with it!!! Moving forward, need to get bigger, faster, and stronger on OL and DL. It begins in the trenches. If we have any desire to be competitive in the Valley, we need to beef up, run the ball effectively, and play sound and smart defense. Furthermore, Bubba needs to go. He’s probably the nicest guy you’ll ever meet, but I want a head coach with a cut throat mentality. Not muss, but, balanced, energetic, and KNOWS HOW TO COACH FOOTBALL!!!!! (And can recruit). Finally, Can we just get on track??? only time will tell. At the end of the day, we will prevail, we will fight, and we will overcome adversity. God bless the University of North Dakota, and, God bless the FIGHTING SIOUX!!!
  2. Ugggggg. Why do we continue to allow bad teams to hang around?? 2nd half, play with passion, intensity, and execute. Be great at the basics!!
  3. SKOLSioux


    Why do we always let bad teams look like all stars against us??!!
  4. SKOLSioux

    Weber St GDT

    But.......... tackling was a point of emphasis from bubba this week. Clock was, and is always, bad for the coaching staff. And, omg, can we save our TOs ??!! Get this together!!!!
  5. I understand this may be premature, but, what are the keys to a Weber St victory?? Basking in the MT st W but just looking a head a bit. Again, gritty win UND football!!!
  6. Wow!!! Great win good guys!! D came up big time. It felt that they wanted to prove themselves and they did. They bailed the O numerous times. offense needs to get on the same page. Heard from announcers too many time that miscommunication occurred on some plays. Those can be drive killers. But, they did enough to get the W. ok, still just not a kett fan. His mechanics are slow and clunky. Just terrible to watch. Lastly, I don’t like his attitude. Yes, I understand emotions, but he was barking at his teammates too much and it appeared negatively. Can’t wait till he graduates and we get someone else at QB. I’ll take the win but we left points on the field offensively. Gotta clean that up. Good win UND FOOTBALL!!!
  7. SKOLSioux

    Cal Poly gdt

    Just not a kett fan at all. His QB mechanics are terrible. I.e, delivery, accuracy, timing, etc. his running ability is atrocious (yes knee injury) but even before that. Nonetheless, the HC needs to go. Love Bubba, but, nice guys finish last. I am happy with the W but there are hills to climb. go Sioux Football!!!
  8. SKOLSioux

    Cal Poly gdt

    I am not a Kett fan. Can’t wait till he’s gone. I think most of our inconsistencies are from him. But, don’t the coaches see this??? Idk, I’m just done with him at the helm. gritty win though, I’ll take it going into Mt. St.
  9. SKOLSioux


    Per my pervious question about Danny becoming HC possibly, I agree with all of you. Need new, young perspectives moving forward. Hate to say it but take a page from the school down south and get an FBS assistant or something. I.e. when they brought in Bohl. Just a recommendation. Thanks for all your replies on my question!!! ps: this game was unacceptable. I remember a time when UND would overcome adversity not simply give up. I can say this now since I’m a new dad, “I’m not mad, just disappointed “.
  10. SKOLSioux


    Honest question; Make Danny as new head coach??
  11. SKOLSioux


    Keep it up gentlemen!! Great drive.
  12. SKOLSioux

    2019 Season

    First time poster on this forum here. Thanks for having me!! A little background, born and raised in GF, a long time Sioux fan of all sports but especially football. I mention Sioux a lot so I hope I don’t offend anyone too much. My dad and I would always attend Sioux football games at memorial and the alerus. We had such great memories with Jim kleinsauser, dressler, digger Anderson, Danny freund, Eric Schmidt, etc. I will forever remember my dad’s enthusiasm with every UND positive outcome. Unfortunately, my dad passed away from cancer in 2016. Our bond with Sioux football will be unmatched. But, I am great full for all of your comments an insight, either good, bad, or ugly. On the note of the davis game, a W is a W. I am proud of the good guys!!! However, coaching seems to be a downward trend. Personally, I disagree with not at least going for a field goal before half. Lastly, the conservative play should stop. UC went for countless 4th downs and a fake FG. Our SP needs a new coach. We are doomed if we stick with bubba. My personal solution is to hire a young, assistant or something from a low FBS or high end D2 head coach. What do you all think??? Thank you all for allowing a place to talk Sioux football. Seriously, I feel like I’m at home here!!
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