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  1. sioux4life28

    2018 Season

    I agree with this. Kid keeps a low profile. But exciting to watch. Very fast, good body type, seems to me like he knows the defense well. Kid has a lot of potential, plus he’s a ball hawk on the field. Remember when it came down to Canady, flowers and Shannon as the last safeties and then Flowers got ejected, leaving Shannon to start against Southern Utah (Big Sky champs) and lead the team in tackles only playing the first half. Kid has a lot to fill but he could be the guy
  2. sioux4life28

    2018 Season

    What do you guys think about Ty Shannon #19? Played as a true freshman, but haven't heard much talk about him? Only thing I have heard is he is pushing 205 lbs , which is good at safety especially if his speed is great. Was looking at all the Colorado recruits from last year and this year out of the blue. What Colorado kid will have the biggest impact on the 2018 season, whether it is offense or Defense?