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  1. Also, I wasn't being particular. I was being hilarious!
  2. Fair enough though I will point out that your previous post did reference BB, women's sport and athletic directors. Obviously, you baited me into drifting off topic. Well done. Lets get back to UND Wrestling attendance numbers.
  3. 1. I'm disappointed you didn't post some hockey pictures. 2. http://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/4345708-outgoing-athletic-director-brian-faison-be-paid-january-2019 Not sure if you were tracking this. (I think Rocky Hager would like an interview.) 3. Can you please stick to football related topics on a football forum? For the love of Harlon Hill!!!
  4. I would pay top dollar for one of those shirts. My "Stiegelmeier for Governor" sweatshirt has some holes and needs to be replaced.
  5. Also, those guys are no fun. WE discuss real issues over here.
  6. Are you dis-inviting me? Un-inviting? Whats the correct word? Eh, doesn't matter.
  7. The Nickel, sure. That stings. I would fight my mother to get that back but leave fake sports out of it!
  8. Maybe he's saying that if you don't have the players necessary to execute Bubba Ball, then you hold off on Bubba Ball until you get the players. I think someone mentions Bubba's inflexibility somewhere in here. I mean, hell, I want to go skydiving but probably won't until I find a parachute.
  9. I think the Fighting Sioux went the way of the UND wrestling, tennis, golf, etc teams. If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with - P'Hawkers, 2017
  10. Dont tell him this is a football-themed site. Unless it isn't.
  11. And if a frog had wings, he wouldn't bump his ass a hopin'. And if Wentz doesn't hit Urzendowski in the NW endzone, the bunnies would have won. And if Sheppard doesn't haul in a TD with two UNI defenders all over him, we would have been done. And if Heagle didn't have 97.5 tackles vs. GA Southern. And if Travis Beck hadn't ran that interception back in 2011. Fake punt vs. Sam Houston. Esley Thorton pick. Etc, etc, etc. I want to say something profound about creating your own luck but I'm not a poet.
  12. Sure. On one side, there is the "iron sharpens iron" idea. Good competition makes everybody better. But 12 games of running into a wall wears on a team. The Bison were a little worn down by the JMU game last game. *I'm not making excuses. They were better and beat us at home. Just a conversation.
  13. I think there is an argument to be had that the 2016 strength of schedule did us few favors by the end of the season.
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