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  1. bkbroiler

    2019 Season

    While I don't completely disagree with this, there were a few wide open drops on 3rd downs that would have been big hitters. They reel those catches in, Kett would have been 21-25 with close to 200 yards (ended 19-25 w/ 152). And we likely have at least one more TD. I would take that for 1/2 a game of football. I feel for the kid.
  2. bkbroiler

    2019 Season

    At what point did this thread become a debate for Bison's bang for buck spending budget or story time about the last time you attended a game in stinking Iowa? Did you go to a corn maze too?? How many pit stops? Stop wasting our time please. Can we please get back to UND football and how we will be this year?
  3. Sorry. I wasn't sure how to reference UND-1 and Oxbow's conversation. Wasn't talking about you. Also, thanks for embracing a newbie. Real class act.
  4. I'm confused. A loss is never a good thing. Period. I understand you are hoping that Stony Brook turns out to be good, so that loss doesn't look so bad. But a win over Stony Brook, regardless of whether they end up with a good record, is better than a loss to Stony Brook, regardless of their ending record. That is everyone else's argument. As for last year. It wasn't the "good" loss that got the 6-5 team in, it was the "very bad" loss to a bad Idaho State that cost us way more. Not saying I agreed with that decision, just saying that loss was worth 2 losses in the committee's mind.
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