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  1. So the only way you could know about Olson's post is you are a friend/follower on twitter? Or maybe you are just a creeper who doesn't have a life? looks like 770 people appreciate his post ...and you are he only loser who can't find anything to do in your life? #SIOUXFOREVER
  2. You should put the computer away till next year - your embarrassing yourself
  3. There is no doubt in my mind that Sioux win both games! I am a Sioux fan and will always be...there is NO room on my Sioux bandwagon for any spoiled, front runners and doubters! Berry has recruited the best of the best for 15 years? Watching Sioux Hockey for 20 some years, the Sioux fans have always cheered and “lifted” the team to new levels. Last year, they waited and jumped on the bandwagon at Regionals. I want to go to St Paul in April. This team needs support now! UND 4 - 2 UND 4 - 1
  4. I agree ...olson creates a lot of chances and he sees the ice better than most
  5. Gersich needs a playmaker - mishmash will be a star along with Adams but all are LWS so we have 3 stud LWs where does that put JJ? Gersich Guch Pogo mismash Gardner olson Adams Hoff Bowen JJ Simo Gornall Smith still raw Wilkie struggles Jones unknown 5 dmen set need one more love Wolanin Poolman and Peskie
  6. Good to know. Doesn't change my opinion Go Sioux!
  7. I'm trying to get updates on this forum and most of you should be embarrassed to call yourselves " ND fans" ! you are Terrible and spoiled !
  8. well... I still thought he was gonna score....he will tonite!
  9. Assuming Schmaltz is gone...which he will be new lineup? Gaardner - Jost - Boeser Olson - Simo - Pogo JJ - Gersich - Wilkie Hoff - Gornall - Bowen, Smith , Yon
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