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  1. Let’s get a split! It’s not over yet! Win or lose, I’ll wish it was back again by June when the NHL playoffs wrap up.
  2. Fans are still complaining about a fantastic donation and spewing how they would spend other people’s money I see. Good deal.
  3. I still snatch up all of the BB logo memorabilia I can and don’t really care for the new logo. However, I have purchased items (Jersey - wanted another color, quarter zips, pants, etc) with the Hawk logo. I will always call them the Fighting Sioux and my kids know them by that name as well, just because that’s how I reference them. That being said, I would be more supportive of the historical logos used for the banners than a BB logo - I think it’s very cool way to show the history of the program. See the logo Belfour, Blake, etc wore while playing here.
  4. Now we want him back? No thanks
  5. Ha! Agreed but come June we all wish Sioux hockey was back. Enjoy the moments while we can!
  6. I’m going to be honest, that was fun in person. Good job boys!!!!!
  7. Yelling that is disrespectful? On the same token, kneeling is anyone's right - just wouldn't catch me doing it.
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