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  1. Thats a fact. Lakes is a complete moron.
  2. Finally! The !@#$ show that I was waiting for continues. Nice work all. I appreciate every last one of you for the laughs you provide me.
  3. SlowHand

    2019 Season

    Lets bet. Loser logs out for a year.
  4. Acting childlike becomes more appealing to me every year. When you get a little older you will feel the same. Have a little fun, be serious at work not on your own time.
  5. If we cant make fun of each other what good is the internet? Hopefully it will be unlocked at some point. Come on mods, lighten up a little. Have a little fun.
  6. Why is it locked again? I dont see anything offensive, just some extremely mild off season smack.
  7. Goal, but Denver will probably score again within the next 3 minutes.
  8. UND used to take advantage of teams that instigated, we got the PP edge and won. Now they are just a bunch of cheap shot, mediocre players with zero discipline. The next few years are not going to be kind to fans.
  9. F this dirty crap. This team should be skating crushers for an hour every day for this cheap garbage. I am embarrassed.
  10. UND is turning into a very dirty team. What happened to finesse hockey?
  11. Its called "trying to avoid getting creamed". Quit being "that guy".
  12. WTF is going on with this team. This is not UND hockey. Surface looks like !@#$.
  13. Wow. No bitching about calls this game. Ouch. Karma.
  14. Thats some seriously dirty hockey. Shame. Should be a ejection.
  15. I will let you know like tomorrow. ps. I didnt know you were a valley girl. Like for sure.
  16. Thread is hilarious. Keep up the good "work".
  17. Link to the factual evidence Matt Larsen called Brock Robbins a lair with accompanying source proving Robbins is not a liar. I will hang up and listen.
  18. Do you have a single fact to back up this idiotic statement? I didnt think so.
  19. Well I'll be damned. Thanks for the merge.
  20. Going to the UND forum seemed like a logical starting place to "research" it. I suggest you stfu if you have nothing to contribute.
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