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  1. 10 hours ago, sioux rube said:

    10th Super Bowl in his 21 years in the league. That’s asinine 

    Brady: Ten of fifty-five Super Bowls (10/55 = 18%)


    Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen were in kindergarten when Brady played his first Super Bowl. 

  2. 2 hours ago, SkoHawks said:

    What? Schedule is playing 8 straight weeks. Only except is vs USD on a Thursday.

    Um ... my bad.

    When I saw how it was organized I didn't look at dates as much as blocks in the schedule (and thought blocks were weeks).

    Yeah, that is eight straight. And that's ... 



  3. 11 hours ago, SWSiouxMN said:

    Anybody see the new lions coach’s press conference today?  

    Oldest joke known to man:

    How do you keep a bunch of chumps in suspense?
    I'll tell you tomorrow. 

    Tell us about it, please. :) 

  4. 1 hour ago, AJS said:

    Per Greg Cameron "Colorado College head coach Mike Haviland says F Grant Cruikshank will not be available for this weekend's series at North Dakota. Cruikshank got his appendix removed earlier this month." 


    This is the most useful and important information in this thread. He makes CC go, or at least he did at the pod. 

  5. One opinion:

    The original post was fine.


    I've seen that meme commanding the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701D, Picard era), in the show Friends, ringside when Ali put down Frazier(?), with  Deadpool on the overpass, and countless other places. Mitten Bernie has become its own thing. 

    The follow up comment about "free" was a political jab. That's the line. 

    That said: I can't be everywhere all the time. First I've seen this thread. So, no politics. And as there was no report, just a reply, I'm just giving this warning to all. 

    See a problem? Put in a report or you become part of the problem. 


    Thank you. 

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  6. 19 hours ago, cberkas said:

    NHL fines the Caps 100k because Ovechkin, Kuznetsov, Orlov, and Samsonov broke COVID-19 protocols. Now they are all on the COVID-19 list. 

    I'm old enough to remember the days when NHLers were fined for NOT being in their hotel rooms. ;) :D 


    They were all in a team hotel room together. 
    Four Russians ... I wonder how much vodka departed this earth ... 


  7. 39 minutes ago, Wright4UND said:

    yes, but mainly just like talking football. 


    I knew you are worth listening to when you started the conversation about offense with "Need to have good OL play."  :) 

    PS - The tweet this week about "full recovery" made us all very happy. Most for the on-field angle. Me? Because publicly thanking his PT rehab team tells me about the player understanding its about more than just him. 



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  8. 13 minutes ago, SWSiouxMN said:

    PSU isn’t going to play either.  9 BSC schools are going to give it a 6 game season a go, but how in the world is Poly and UC Davis going to play?

    In Glendale AZ like the SJS Sharks. :lol:

  9. Do we go so far as including folks around the NHL team ... like broadcasters who (used to at least) travel with the team?

    Jay Caufield works as an analyst on Penguins Pregame & Postgame on AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh.
    Troy Murray has been doing Chicago radio color on WGN since about 2003. 

  10. 10 minutes ago, siouxkid12 said:

    No he did not have a scholarship. If I remember correctly, Gino, Dean and John needed a body for practice and they allowed him to skate with the team. His reward was getting to play in a single game against BU.

    ... and later his name on the Stanley Cup with Pittsburgh ... twice!

    Currently, Caufield works as an analyst on Penguins Pregame & Postgame on AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh.


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