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Time to re-look at certain rules?

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3 hours ago, MafiaMan said:

I'm getting a little tired of the immediate celebration followed by 2:00 of review followed by a more subdued celebration...

Agreed. That second time celebrating should be as exciting as the first. If not, take the goal away. :D

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I hate to beat a dead horse, but this came up over the weekend and I couldn't help think about the Sioux's offsides reversal vs. BU.  I don't remember what game it was in, or even what period (I'm searching on YouTube to try and find it), and I'm going to add some dramatic effect to this story.  Here goes (my version)...

Team A is down by a goal in the championship game and has their goalie pulled.  They're rushing up the ice and bring the puck in the zone with around 1:00 left in the 3rd period and have sustained pressure in the zone the rest of the game.  The play at the blue line looked close to offsides...and that team did not score, so the game ends with Team A losing by a goal...or did they?  Imagine if that team had the puck in the zone the last minute of the period, put on pressure, but didn't score and then they called the ref over to get a review of the offsides and it was determined that yes, they were.  So they go back to that point in time and replay the final minute...Team A scores to tie it up and to OT we go!

I'm not 100% sure of who/what/when/where can call for a review of an offsides, but does it seem that far-fetched that this could happen?  Maybe an offsides can only be reviewed in the context of a goal being scored (and that's probably the case)...if so, then my whole scenario above is moot.  But really, imagine if you were Duluth this past weekend and in the Championship this had happened...and your coaches on the bench watched the play at the blue line and believed that they were offsides.  Wouldn't it make sense to try and have the refs review the play at the line and get 1:00 back on the clock?

I guess what I'm trying to say, as many others have already said, is that the review process seems like a shitshow at best, and could use some tweaking.

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I get your point, but I don't think it would make much sense to review for something that never happened (i.e. a goal being scored) and that didn't affect the game's outcome. But putting time back on the clock to benefit the team that was offsides makes about as much sense as taking a goal away for offsides when A) the attacking team didn't score off the rush, B) the defending team had control of the puck and C) the attacking team gained no advantage as a result of being offsides. 

The process of reviewing for a major penalty is a waste of time. I have yet to see a major penalty called as a result of a review. Maybe it has been done and I just haven't seen it. To me, it make no sense to say, "Yes, that was a minor penalty we didn't call and it will go uncalled because it wouldn't have made as much difference as a major penalty, which we'll do everything in our power to avoid calling." 


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