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  1. 2018 UND Recruiting

    To me this is the make/break season for the OL coach. If he can't get more productivity from his line, he needs to go. You can claim injuries for last season but for the past two seasons the offensive line has underperformed and have failed to really open any kind of lanes for our all-conference/american running backs. Yes, teams are stacking the box because the OC lacks any kind of imagination, but with that said they were doing the same thing three years ago and that line was opening massive holes. Get Santiago to the second level and all of a sudden you get your explosive offensive plays.
  2. Gameday vs Utah

    A troll is "a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting quarrels or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional response." Your posts fall under the extraneous as they really service zero purpose outside of your amusement. You are quoting old posts and knowing that it will notify those posters, and you are also probably intending them all to try to respond, again for the purposes of starting an argument for your amusement. Try and be as polite and civil as you want, you're still trolling.
  3. Gameday vs Utah

    Sorry but at this point Bison06 is trolling. Dredging up old posts in the hopes of eliciting responses that really do absolutely nothing to further any conversation other than to point at the bad year UND had.

    I'd be fine with unbiased officiating, call penalties that are penalties and call both teams the same. Last night was an obvious example of not doing that.

    What if I told you it's possible to have an aggressive, defensive-minded philosophy but still have a dynamic offense...

    There was certainly attrition in prior years but this last season saw O'Brien retire and Poole get kicked off the team. Hunt was injured towards the beginning of the year, Larson missed the season (smartly not to burn the redshirt), and Rodgers got hurt the second game of the year. Attrition hurt, but injuries and idiocy finished the ILB off. I agree the coaches failed to backfill last year and the year before for ILB. For the kind of defense UND runs, we need at least 8-9 ILBs on the roster. You play 4 or 5 rotating through, and you have the others filling in on special teams or redshirting.

    Yes, the offense had to win games but they were also assisted by the defense. For example, the tying points in the USD game were by the defense.
  8. 2017-18 Season

    Agreed with this. Brew has shown the ability to develop a team throughout a season. As for Freije, sometimes you just have an off game, it happens to everyone. She'll be fine.

    2017 exposed the offense for what it was. 2016 the offense was gifted short fields and didn't have to win every game (turnovers, total defense, etc.). 3 and outs aren't completely devastating when your defense can get the ball right back. 2017 the defense was so injury riddled and played so poorly that that became impossible. Rudolph never adjusted. He lacked imagination last year, he lacked imagination this year. Throw in his questionable calls to offset his good calls and he is what he is, a mediocre OC that sticks to a game plan to a fault.
  10. 2017 Season

    It frustrates me to no end to be watching other college football games and you see how other offenses utilize dynamic running backs. The comment about the UCF running back today was along the lines of, "well what position is he?" and the answer, "he's whatever we need him to be on that play, if he's in the backfield he's a running back, if he's out wide he's a wide receiver." Santiago is that dynamic and yet more often than not we pound him between the tackles on a good 70% of his plays.

    When people in the stands are calling out what the play is going to be on greater than 50% of the offensive plays, you know you don't have much imagination at the OC spot.
  12. The puck was very much visible in the net underneath the goalie's pad. I just can't believe these refs weren't able to see that given all the camera angles they were fed.
  13. How blind are these refs? The puck was obviously in the net.
  14. That has been Miami's MO over the past several years, good skaters, good speed and try to skate circles around the opposition.
  15. 2017 Season

    Watching the OU/TCU game and I can't help but wonder what might have been had UND used their running back (particularly Santiago) like how OU does in the passing game. More often than not, if a RB is in on a passing play he was kept in as a blocker. Didn't leak them out, didn't really swing them out. Boring, unimaginative, simple to defend.
  16. It's always fun to watch these guys when the passes are crisp and the cycle is working to perfection. Pure zone control and pressure.


    Rudolph should be gone and the announcement should come sooner than later. That lets incoming recruits know what's going on (some might be apprehensive with the offensive struggles and lack of imagination), and it lets you try to find a replacement quickly, give that replacement more time to get to know the remaining players and influence some of the recruiting strategies.
  19. 2017-2018 College Hockey (Non-UND Hockey)

    Looking like the NCHC is going to be a tough league top to bottom this year. It usually is but this year seems to have a bit more parity.
  20. NORTH DAKOTA vs. miami - FRIDAY Gameday

    UND picked up after the first and were either even or held the advantage I feel in the final two periods. Thome has been looking strong, big kid with a bright future but Cam is still definitely the starter on any given night, but at least Thome is getting some game experience and can either spell a game down the stretch or step in if Cam struggles. Yes Gardner got a goal but it was fairly gift-wrapped by Gersich (who I thought played fantastic tonight). Pogo was making some noise but didn't have much to show for it. I am really waiting to see Jones tried out on the top line, not sure why Berry doesn't give it a shot because Jones has been playing fantastic and I feel his style of play would better suit Gersich/Mismash. Mismash has been playing well and looks very much at home on the top line. To add, I don't think Rhett is a bad player, I just don't think his skillset suits the top line with speed/skill like Gersich and Mismash. He would be better suited for the second or third line, with a grinding type unit. I thought the best he's played in his time at UND was on a "big" line that physically wore other teams out by grinding them in the corners and controlling the puck.
  21. NORTH DAKOTA vs. miami - FRIDAY Gameday

    Gersich/Jones/Mismash would be fun to watch. A lot more skill and finishing potential just switching Gardner and Jones.
  22. NORTH DAKOTA vs. miami - FRIDAY Gameday

    Miami carried the play but UND had some good looks. Both teams lucky to not have a goal against. I really want to see Jones centering the top line.
  23. Hawks - Eagles

    That's more likely than Rudy opening things up.
  24. Non-UND FCS Thread

    Regarding the Cookus hit, by the letter of the rule that was targeting. It was helmet to helmet contact on a defender that didn't really see him coming at all. If you are going to protect receivers from hits like that, you also have to protect defenders as well. Was it a huge hit? Not really. But any other player would have been tossed for targeting as well and people probably wouldn't blink twice, but since it was the starting QB it's blown up into a big deal. Moral of the story, don't hit people in the head.