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  1. There was absolutely no intent to injure on that play. No player or coach on the Duluth team would tell you that they are glad he got hurt. Duluth plays the same hard nosed physical way we do with the exception of embellishing and trying to "sell" penalties.
  2. I thought it was a play that you see many times in every game. Just an unfortunate contact with the boards that caused the fracture. No penalty as far as I am concerned.
  3. Anybody going to Fargo from Grand Forks for the game? I have some tickets I would like to get down there. Call me at 701-740-5510.
  4. Jost
  5. If I would have know I was going to be this lucky I would have gone to the casino yesterday!!
  6. Are the any scenarios where WM will move ahead of the GOOFS?
  7. AF Lowell Harvard Penn State Mich Tech UMD Sorry but UMD has really had our number this year in all 4 games. We are playing a lot better and much more consistent over the past few weeks so I hope they can pull it off. I predict a close one, UMD 4, UND 3.
  8. We were not going to go but now we may drive down on Saturday morning for those games.
  9. Jost
  10. Saturday- Tucker
  11. Pogo on Friday
  12. Section 104, Row J, seats 11-12. $40 each. Text 701-740-five five one zero.