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  1. Excited for Sioux Falls!!!! Now we just need to cheer them on next season so the Sioux get here!
  2. And I thought you knew me well, @MafiaMan!
  3. When they were building this facility ("The Denny"), the facility planners actually spent quite a bit of time up at The Ralph to gather inspiration. I agree with Wildfan...the sightlines are great throughout the arena! The Denny & Sioux Falls has successfully hosted other NCAA tourneys (basketball). Fingers crossed UND gets to host the West Regional here in my backyard! The preparty before the official preparty at my place!
  4. Ick!
  5. Tickets are sold.
  6. We're not able to make it to the Sioux vs Omaha game Sat 2/25. I just posted our 4 tickets for resale on Ticketmaster. Section 310 Row A Seats 22-25. $78.29 ea (face value + TM resale fees). Cheapest on TM!
  7. If you want sound, Tunity is a smart phone app that can tune in audio from a TV right in front of you. Used it a couple times watching in a sports bar.
  8. On a side note, I find that the ice side announcer looks a little like Flounder from Animal House.
  9. Submitted an email of the audio problem on their website and reply indicated that I should get a response in 24 hours!
  10. Sorry for your loss!
  11. Thanks for the tip re: this app! Works awesome via my iphone!
  12. Championship Sioux Falls watch party @ Shenanigans at 26th & Tea Ellis....6pm pregame. Go Sioux! Bring it home, boys!
  13. 2 goal lead is nice & all, but I still feel like I need some tequila shots to settle my nerves!
  14. Thanks.
  15. Apologies if this is a dumb queation, but what is the giant red W on the ice and the boards for?