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  1. Ugly Incident

    There is no reason that could excuse this.
  2. University of North Dakota Hockey 2017-18 Season

    As plausible as any other theory at this point.
  3. Jerseys

  4. NCHC Frozen Faceoff - Xcel Energy Center

    New business idea. Totty bars. Specializing in Tater Tot dishes and micro brews.
  5. 2017-2018 College Hockey (Non-UND Hockey)

    I think most will be happy with it being better than the past 4 years.
  6. University of North Dakota Hockey 2017-18 Season

    The least comfortable seats in the NCHC.
  7. Jerseys

    You're laughing because it is true.
  8. Jerseys

    Some lawyer would declare real laces a choking hazard.
  9. College Hockey Expansion

    Stop clouding the issue with facts. We want rampant speculation and conspiracy theories!
  10. former players

    Found it. https://twitter.com/SchlossmanGF/status/900413782069059584
  11. former players

    I could have swore I saw Schloss tweet this.
  12. Gopher ticket price predictions

    I contemplated it. He didn't know it was Gopher weekend when they set the date. I countered that he knew it was hockey season. I decided being able to razz him about something the rest of my life is worth missing the REA experience for 1 night.
  13. Gopher ticket price predictions

    Bring your family to the Manitoba game.
  14. Gopher ticket price predictions

    I sold my friday night upper bowls for $100 each. (Brother decided it would be a good night to get married.)
  15. College Hockey Expansion

    Does the W stand for Worst now?