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  1. Totally agree. He's frustrated the hell out of me but I hope he sticks it out.
  2. Never heard of her
  3. Yeah great for him. This program has just been pretty immune to the one and done player. Eddie doesn't count in my eyes. He hung a banner. But, whatever. He gets his goal accomplished. Good for him I guess.
  4. You could have just stopped with your first line.
  5. GOD DAMMIT!!!
  6. It also is to his benefit financially and contractually. Can't fault him for burning a year of his entry deal.
  7. Yeah pretty sure I'm happy he was here in the first place and was definitely happy he stuck around for year 2. Getting 2 years out of a talent like that is all you can expect. This year didn't go how he or us as fans hoped, but he helped bring another title (finally), so for that, you tip your cap and say "Thank you sir." Go SIOUX!
  8. Schloss just tweeted that Brock's signing is going down and he may be playing against the Wild tomorrow night. Thanks for everything Brock! Best of luck! Go SIOUX!
  9. Could possibly skate Wolanin on a wing and play Tucker too. If Tucker is limited, they could move Wolanin to D. I kind of doubt it, but could be an option. Go SIOUX!
  10. T Poolman Yeah that's right. Bring it. Go SIOUX!
  11. Nope. Michigan hit on 22 straight. That's the record. Keep it rolling boys!
  12. Depends on your situation. We dropped cable 2 years ago so we use NCHCtv all season long. More than pays for itself and the SIOUX broadcasts (home) are excellent quality. The CBSSports nights make it a night on the town but totally worth it if you ask me.
  13. AF Lowell Harvard Penn St Tech SIOUX
  14. The real game thread