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  1. UND's New Hockey Conference

    Paint with a wide brush much?
  2. UND's New Hockey Conference

    Your welcome on the negative mark. I have met very good fans of the SCSU program who SUPPORT UND and our Fighting Sioux nickname. Nice, attack fellow Sioux fans for not having the same view you do.
  3. UND's New Hockey Conference

    And this guy just doesn't know western hockey at all. Adam cover something you know about. "It also didn't make logical sense. Why would five of the WCHA's power schools leave to start a new conference? What's the difference between that and just staying in the WCHA? I still don't know." Adam Woden My link
  4. UND's New Hockey Conference

    IMHO, The new league is trying to bring back WCHA values. Are they not meeting in Colorado Springs to announce the possible future of three founding members of the WCHA? Wasn't the WCHA born in a little hotel in Colorado Springs?
  5. UND's New Hockey Conference

    http://www.grandforksherald.com/event/article/id/209100/group/homepage/ I think Brad hit the nail on the head here.
  6. UND's New Hockey Conference

    If we are lowering our "standards" before there are even standards... Why wouldn't BSU and MTU fit better? BSU is pretty close to UND and MTU is fairly close to Duluth and IS a founding member of the WCHA. SCSU seems to have money problems (almost cut football program) MSUM would be ok but maybe are not a first choice for CC,DU, or UNO and let's not forget our shiny new member to the group Miami of Ohio.
  7. UND's New Hockey Conference

    I gotta call Bull Chips on this one.
  8. UND's New Hockey Conference

    Well they have a solution for that they will just have to play Monday night.. Hmmm what other sporting event plays MONDAY night in the fall and lasts well into the winter....
  9. UND's New Hockey Conference

    A very good point. Also I think they have a thing called the College World Series in Omaha. So I think they now how to host.
  10. UND's New Hockey Conference

    Yeah but it hasn't ended either.
  11. UND's New Hockey Conference

    Right on! With the whole Minnesota shut down fiasco... Minnesota needs every dollar they can get.
  12. UND's New Hockey Conference

    Oh Bruce... Looks like the new league was built with those who don't have a problem with the nickname. (see SCSU protests)
  13. UND's New Hockey Conference

    Hmm since Duluth is in the new league I see no reason that the post season tournament can't be held at a true neutral site. Say the Excel or Target Center? Minnesota(Gophers) won't be using both will they?Pssst check out how many Sioux fans were at the X this year...Looks like the UNO bunch have no problems traveling either when they played at the Gophers rink this year.
  14. UND's New Hockey Conference

    IMHO, The new league just created a new problem for the Big 10(6) If the new league is united this could force home and away games with B10(6) schools. And with this stipulation the Big 10(6) enter into contract with a new league where they(new league) probably will have their own media rights. Nice job of the new league to snag Duluth for the Minnesota market. Remember the quote from Faison"At the end of the day ,we have to do whats's in the best interest of UND hockey and that's what were going to do. It's an emotional decision. It's a BUISNESS decison". Funny how George at DU said the same thing about a week later... Go right ahead B10 (6) play all the left over teams of the WCHA and CCHA. It's probaby what the new league has plans of doing. So fear not teams left behind in a power conference CCHA/WCHA merger the new league just made you important.
  15. UND's New Hockey Conference

    Doesn't Notre Dame have a HUGE contract with NBC? Isn't Versus owned by NBC? IMHO, the new league UND, UNO and DU are trying to put together sure would be happy with what Notre Dame could bring to the table in marketing. Lost in all this is UMD,UNO coached by former UND coaches are signed up for the new league.