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  1. kiyoat

    Conference Realignments - Take 2

    Gotcha. THOSE issues. I thought you meant the Texas schools have had an issue with WIU and UPFW. As far as WIU's financial problems, you could say the same about most public schools in the states of Illinois and Missouri, including UMKC. It's concerning, no doubt, but I don't get the feeling WIU wants to go anywhere else. They are a conference founder, and aren't as much of a geographic outlier as Ft Wayne. We need them for football if we are ever going to break away from the MVFC (or just for voting leverage) With Ft Wayne, I honestly wouldn't blame them for wanting into the Horizon. Their travel budget alone makes that move worthwhile.
  2. kiyoat

    Conference Realignments - Take 2

    Interesting. What issues? Texas would extend our footprint even farther, but if some are considering Grand Canyon or New Mexico State, I guess you do what you have to. Definitely sounds involved. I hope Douple is on top of it, but to me he seems a little too reactive rather than proactive on the subject. He needs to squash the perception that the Summit is vulnerable, even if it is only perception. JMO
  3. kiyoat

    Conference Realignments - Take 2

    Good info on Hockey. Also on D-II affiliates. Adding UNC as a baseball affiliate could be a prelude to full membership. The WAC, where they are affiliates now, has 9 teams. The WAC also has 11 men's soccer teams, including Air Force....
  4. kiyoat

    Conference Realignments - Take 2

    Since I am posting on the UND site, I may as well get your opinion on an idea I have kicked around. With UND, Denver and Omaha all in the Summit, what would you guys think about the League trying to sponsor hockey? You need six teams minimum, but they might be able to add three affiliate programs to start. Possibly St Cloud, Mankato, Air Force? (I noticed that AF is a geographic outlier in their hockey conference). It might get some Summit teams to consider adding the sport in the future, and in the meantime it would be one more buffer against losing the auto-bid. I'm sure you guys are very happy in your current hockey conference, and this is a terrible idea that would never happen, but I'm just spit-balling. When Summit Commissioner Douple was asked about expansion in light of losing the auto-bid, he said he wasn't worried about that, because we could just add affiliate members if needed. That got me thinking. I think that adding UND may have been good for keeping Denver and Omaha in the fold because of hockey. And that is a sport that can actually draw fans, despite the high costs.
  5. kiyoat

    Conference Realignments - Take 2

    Fortunately for you, reactionary fans with an inflated view of their school's importance don't make those decisions. As an occupational hazard, Athletic Directors tend to take a more balanced view. Let me know when Justin Sell gets a call from the Missouri Valley. Or better yet, the Big 12. The continued success of the league is not dependent on just two schools. Unless you think you can have the same success as an independent? With UND now in the league you will see a couple more games a year where opposing fans actually travel to Brookings. Same would be true with Augie. Same with Mankato. If you think SDSU is too "big time" to stay in the Summit, what are your other options?
  6. Sorry guys. I guess I jinxed your board with this post.... Must have drawn Rabbit posters here. He probably couldn't help it. You know, like rabbits are compelled to eat their own poop.
  7. And lest you think that I'm going soft: For the record, many of the Jacks fans I have encountered at games are some of the most obnoxious, patronizing, thinned-skinned, conceited, rudest, poorest examples of human beings that I have ever met. Many of them are great, but it doesn't make up for all the turds. I hope the men's and women's teams curb-stomp the Jacks' smug faces this season. Four times. Go Yotes, and keep the SLT in SF!
  8. OH, and BTW. Thanks for your opinions. I'm always curious what other fans perspectives are. I just know it is often irritating when Jacks fans (which seem to be on every message board around but this one) come on to the USD message board and arrogantly lecture us on what the correct worldview is, and to remind us that they are superior in every way. Not all of them do that, but plenty enough.
  9. OH, I agree that it is frustrating at times with that crowd. On the plus side, over the last three years USD fans have finally started infiltrating the Jacks stranglehold on the arena. And since we hate the Jacks, that at least gives a little balance. I guess my thought is to keep it in SF, but there is no reason to further alienate fan bases with exclusionary ticketing practices. It's kind of like Texas ruining every conference they are in by not knowing when to quit leveraging every advantage they have, and having to dominate and control everything. I think the SLT has grown into an impressive tournament, but the conference needs to also add some equitable practices to encourage inclusion rather than the other way around. Make it easier for fans to travel there, get good tickets, and participate. Create travel packages with air/bus fare, lodging and meals for fans of the schools that are farther away, (also so they can travel and stay together. Maybe with the teams. Increase availability of tickets for those fans, and advertise it more in Denver, Tulsa, Ft Wayne, etc. Just some ideas.
  10. Yeah, from what I have heard staying in the WAC is not an option due to travel costs. Going back to the Summit makes the most sense, but they are less than thrilled about that option. Personally, I think they would help stabilize the conference geographically (I-29 corridor, link between Omaha and Tulsa, travel partners, etc.) Their athletics aren't that strong, at the moment, but things are cyclical. We just have to come to terms with the fact that the Summit always has been an unstable place with the membership like a revolving door. I'm very happy that UND is joining (not sure why you guys couldn't have joined this season), because having the Dakota 4 together creates a stable core to the conference. Some members will always have one foot out the door regardless of where the Conference Tourney is held. IUPUI and Ft Wayne have always wanted to switch to the Horizon based mainly on geography and travel cost. I can't blame them. WIU isn't going anywhere IMO. They founded the conference. Denver has all kinds of wild plans. Who knows what they will do. Maybe UND's addition will help with them and Omaha. The key is to maintain viability with the auto-bid. If/when Ft Wayne leaves we will have a baseball problem (less than 6 teams). Northern Colorado would fix that, but I'm not sure if they have motivation to move. Mankato or St. Cloud would be good fits, but I don't know if they want to move up.
  11. Try it again. I think you may not have included all four Dakota Schools. UND, NDSU, SDSU, USD, Omaha, Denver, ORU, WIU, IPFW With that the midpoint is just east of Sioux City. If you add UMKC its about halfway between Sioux City and Omaha. One nice thing about Omaha is that its right in the center from a transportation standpoint. There is an I-29 corridor with UND-NDSU-SDSU-USD-Omaha-KC-ORU, and an I-80 corridor with Denver-Omaha-WIU-IPFW. Its just not a neutral site. With the low numbers of UNO Basketball fans, I guess you could call it more neutral based on that. Omaha won't roll out the red carpet quite as much because there are so many other things going on sports-wise. SF is basketball-crazy that weekend. With the Big Sky, the midpoint is near Pocatello, ID (Idaho State). Removing UND pulls the midpoint west to Twin Falls, ID (Halfway to Boise). Looking at that, it makes perfect sense why they/you chose to move the BB tourney from Reno to Boise. Larger City neutral site. Plus it's a college athletics town with Boise State there. I think its a great plan, and should get more fans there. Its a fun tool to play with (Geo midpoint calc)
  12. The goegraphic center of the conference (with UND added) is basically Sioux City. Who the Hell wants to go to Sewer City? Omaha, maybe, but nobody cares about the Summit League in Omaha. In Sioux Falls it's the main event. Lots of casual fans show up there that never attend a Jacks or Coyote game the rest of the year. Even when those two teams aren't playing there are blue and red fans showing up. I doubt you would see that in Minneapolis or Omaha. I guess I could be wrong, but I doubt it. Check this tool out: http://www.geomidpoint.com/
  13. Conference members want a tournament that makes money and draws fans. The SLT has done that better than any mid-major tournament. The Summit has tried other locations in the past, and they were total failures. They aren't moving. Again, focusing on moving the tournament to a crappy location that doesn't draw fans is the kind of stuff that gets conference commissioners fired. The fact that there are loads of lower-bowl tickets that are basically already sold before you even join the conference is the real crime, IMO.
  14. To me, this is the model that would be the most fair. The Jacks that have invested heavily into the tournament (and have made it what it is) won't want to change anything, though.
  15. The fairness thing is another story, of course. SDSU and USD will always have an advantage in Sioux Falls for fans (The Coyotes are finally starting to take advantage of that). I can see how it can alienate some other teams, but it has just done so well, that it isn't likely to move. To me, the ticketing policy is totally unnecessary, inappropriate, and will be the straw that breaks the camel's back, assuming anyone complains about it. The problem is that the fan bases that are most affected negatively also happen to be the fans that just don't support their teams very well (IUPUI, Ft. Wayne, Western Ill) or are very fickle, and only have large fan turnouts in good seasons (Denver, Omaha). The groups that should be protesting the exclusionary ticketing policies are NDSU, UND and ORU in my opinion. I think those groups have wrongly focused on complaining about the location, which is the one thing that absolutely will not change.