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  1. GoHawks

    Former Players

    I thought they were saying he couldn't get a medical redshirt?
  2. GoHawks

    Top 5 Incoming Fr

    I can see Bruner and maybe these two Garret Maag, 6'5" WR CJ Seigel , 6' CB
  3. GoHawks

    Summit League MBB

    Good new for SDSU. Bad news for every other team in the Summit...
  4. GoHawks

    Spring Ball 2018

  5. GoHawks

    Summit League MBB

    https://www.argusleader.com/story/blogs/mickgarry/2018/03/26/six-who-might-considered-south-dakota-head-coaching-job/460866002/ South Dakota looking at Horner for head coaching job
  6. GoHawks

    2017-2018 Recruiting

    So what does this mean for the current roster? How many scholarships are available? Is someone else leaving the team possibly?
  7. GoHawks

    Former Players

    He'd be a better OC than our current one also.
  8. GoHawks

    2018 Season

    Have not missed a home game in probably 4 years now and prior to that only missed a few since 2010. Have had season tickets for 3 years now and will for as long as I can. Got season tailgating spots last year for the first time and will keep doing that. Don't renew your season tickets just because of one bad year. If some people got through the Mussman era then you can get through this. Get out and tailgate and support the team win or lose!
  9. GoHawks

    UND (6-11) @ NDSU (10-8) 1/16 7 PM

    Because it wasn't a football game?!?
  10. GoHawks

    2018 UND Recruiting

    Yeah I can also understand that
  11. GoHawks

    2018 UND Recruiting

    I figured Okpoko would stay especially since ND is closer to home.
  12. GoHawks

    Early Signing Day

    Ted Mullin signed during the Facebook live Q and A.
  13. GoHawks

    2018 UND Recruiting

    ffensive Guards (1) Rain Slater, 6'3”, 315, 5.1, Winnipeg (St. Johns), MB Offensive Tackles (1) Matt Waletzko, 6'8“, 310, 5.6, Cold Spring (Rocori), MN (2 Star - 247) O Only see two on wiki. Who is the third? Agree with you about a transfer. Preferably a FBS drop down but another Michael Coe would be good.
  14. GoHawks

    2018 UND Recruiting

    Now lets get some hogs on the OL!!!