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    Well this doesn't make me feel any better about Rudy and the future of this offense......
  2. Any live streaming off this game tonight?
  3. FT Game: 18-29 62.1% Got to be better at the line. Seems like every year UND has trouble here. Liked seeing Stewart step up with 18 points Avants and Seales had an 0k game. Got to give Avants credit he does a pretty good job in the paint for only being 6'7" Need much better games for Dale Jones

    Should have just fired Rudolph before this last game just to see what Freund can do with the offense?!? Anything would have been better then Rudolph. That toss play works sometimes but he called that play 3-4 times in one drive and the opposing coaches were calling it from the sidelines. He's just so predictable and its getting old.
  5. All I Want For Christmas Is Gains

    Rastas came to UND at 177 lbs and now is 200 lbs. He said earlier this year he wanted to add 30 lbs and no less then 20lbs. Like what I'm hearing there so lets see if he can do that. I just hope the rest of the guys have the same mindset.
  6. Coordinators & Position Coaches

    Ok you took what I said and twisted waaaaay around. I have watched him (The QB) (Keaton) lock on to one WR many times when more than 1 WR is on the field and then just bail out of the pocket. Yes, on some occasions the pocket is collapsing which he can run out of and make plays (he is very good at it)
  7. Coordinators & Position Coaches

    He has done this many times. Locks onto the WR in the huddle and when that WR isn't open he just runs out of the pocket (which he is really good at). But If Keaton isn't 100% healthy and cant run he isn't a very effective QB.
  8. Coordinators & Position Coaches

    At this point anyone would be better then Rudolph.
  9. Coordinators & Position Coaches

    On the tailgate show they interviewed Rastas. Said when he got to UND he was at 177lbs and now he's around 200-205lbs. Says he wants to get to 230lbs next year and no less then 220lbs.
  10. Pluto

    You can watch home games on und insider if your a subscriber. You can get a monthly or yearly membership.
  11. Sac St Coming To Town

    Right! Pretty sure they did a toss on 3rd down 3-4 times? And It wasn't 3rd and short either.
  12. Sac St Coming To Town

    on 3rd and 6
  13. 2017 Season

    It almost seems like this team is trying more not to lose by 30-40 then win the game (like if they lose by 20 its ok??). They need to set up a game plan and adjust with the players they have out on the field, not the players they wish they had.
  14. Gameday: UND @ UC Davis

    Heard the same thing as you possibly? Not good news coming that’s for sure
  15. Injuries

    Did it in the Mussman era I can certainly do it now. Go Hawks!!