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  1. I quit watching anything espn when they gave the "Woman of the Year" award to a man. There are plenty of other programs that can give me all my sports info. Only time I can remember watching espn anymore is when college hockey is on it.
  2. They almost beat us last year in the frozen four. If they would've beat us they would have won #8 last year and went back to back for #9 this year.
  3. You mean like 3 inches? About the height of a white tuuk? hum....
  4. Wasn't he the events manager at REA when they held the regionals in 06? I know he worked there but don't remember his position.
  5. Yes I'd appreciate it if you'd pm me next time you call me names. Thank you
  6. NCAA headquarters are in INDIANapolis INDIANa yet they don't allow Indian logos?
  7. There is 3 inches of tuuk on the bottom of the boot that is white. It does create an illusion.
  8. Don't say that! You know these guys read this stuff. Don't give him anymore reasons to leave.
  9. Toews got to play with Oshie and Duncan. I personally was to busy watching Oshie to notice Toews. Not saying he wasn't good or anything but Oshie had the offensive flare that I'm sure other teams tried to contain. That left Duncan with every opportunity to shine and he took full advantage of it.
  10. Rose colored glasses removed, I see his left heel is touching the line and the puck is on the line. Horrible call and I can't believe they would say that's indisputable evidence to call off a goal.
  11. I stayed for the umd/Ohio game. If the scheels arena holds 5000, then 4000 people left after the first game if not more. If you took out all the und fans that were left then there would have been only 50 people left in the stands. Truly sad that hockey doesn't have better following outside of North Dakota.
  12. Does anyone know if there is a video clip of this hit? I missed the first period of the game.
  13. Two guys who I can think of that stepped up their senoir year would be Caggiula and Frattin. You could tell these guys were good but had no idea how good they really were until it clicked for them. Both turned into men among boys in one year. Hope we have some other guys that can find that next gear.
  14. Haha. I don't want to be Cam and never did. I don't even play goalie unless the goalie want to skate out for a night. My post was about how his basics were lacking. Examples like last nights goal from the corner. Tonight's 3rd goal I believe. He's so far out of the net to cut off the angle that a shoulder dip drops him to his knees and get skated around. I want the Cam from last year that was the reason we won a championship. You can't win one without a hot goalie. Obviously the Def is not as good this year but it's the easy saves that go in that piss some of us off.
  15. Whoa whoa whoa!!! I make a post about how Cam can't slide from post to post and square up to a shot and everybody starts calling me uncle Rio. I see some of you are starting to see my point.