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  1. LAWLZ!!! Love it
  2. Will he be a freshman? I bet he will be in the top ten scoring, but he will be outdone by some of his older teammates/linemates. His size doesn't look like it will slow him down any though.
  3. What school is he going to? RR or Central?
  4. What do they have to lose offering him too early?
  5. Earlier this spring if you would've asked me what roads in GF DO NOT need any work done this summer, I would have said Demers and the new portion of Columbia....anddddd what is the very first road they start working on?! Demers. Can someone please explain this to me?
  6. "injury" has the first spot, but I'd sit Simo, then maybe Hoff and Jones depending on who is slumping and who has the hot hand. That would've been a much easier question if Wilkie was listed. He would've had a lot of pretzel cheese and pizza sauce on his dress shirts and ties by the end of the season. Flip from last season- I think the D-core will be solid and the forwards will be the weakness. But who knows, maybe we will see some unexpected production from a few of the grinder guys and get even more out of the guys we knew would be decent. I see Pogo with another middle of the pack season, but I've got a good feeling about Gersich, Kawa, Mismash and Bowen. Gardner will play his role, Hoff and Janatuinen will have flashes of production.
  7. He'll fit in nicely with an entire team that can't score! Much better spot for him! He's kind of a googley eyed kid anyway
  8. Does anyone know how that AA Bantam GF Aviator team did against the Rinks Academy several weeks ago? I know they played up in Pig City and at the Ralph but neither site shows the scores.
  9. See here, we are disputing it. If it takes 15 minutes to make a decision on the call...wouldn't that make it disputable? What a joke
  10. It does look like he may have been concentrating on getting out of the way at the moment of the crossing. But with this close of a call, I can't believe they overturned it. But if UND could have just scored again we wouldn't even be talking about this...
  11. Man, that is unreal... That seems debatable...not indisputable to me. I had just accepted it until I learned this. I knew i shouldn't have come on here today lol.
  12. I think he means they showed video of the puck carrier alone and a video of the player being marked as offsides on camera alone, but weren't able to show both on the same camera at the same time.
  13. If they couldn't view both of them at the same time, and had to rely on that zoomed out view...how in the hell is that indisputable?? Wowza
  14. You've got to be kidding me. I figured they had several creditable views and I trusted they got it correct. Now I'm upset, thanks guys
  15. They saw a better view than this though right??? I hope??