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  1. I'm really high on this years recruiting class, it's incredibly solid from top to bottom. When you look at the pipeline, I agree with your worries about Mattson, Senden and Keane, but outside of that, it's stacked with talent. It's probably too early to speculate, but right now, I think they only lose Wolanin early after next year. UND will have a really, really good team in 2018 and the 2019 recruiting class could be really special.
  2. Blaisdell to Chilliwack of BCHL -- big move for him. http://www.chilliwackchiefs.net/blaisdell-commits-to-chiefs Both Reid & Blaisdell will be playing in the BCHL as 16 year olds.
  3. Freshman added to roster: http://www.undsports.com/SportSelect.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=13500&SPID=6399&SPSID=58641
  4. There's no doubt, but I'm with the person who wouldn't want UND to go after him. I just think it'd be a bad look.
  5. http://mytoba.ca/sports/15-year-old-football-star-rain-slater-may-be-the-next-big-thing/ Story from last year that mentions UND: https://www.canadafootballchat.com/ol-slaters-lofty-gridiron-dreams-video/
  6. That 2013 UND team went 3-8, what would have their record been if they played a top FCS team that first game? They just weren't a very good team, period. Why do so many P5 teams schedule games against lower level of competition? I just don't see the reason to have a gauntlet of a non-conference schedule before you get into conference play. Would you be better prepared, probably, but you'd also be more beaten up going into conference play, with a better probability of having more losses. With UND being a night and day better team today than they were back then, I'd be less concerned about them regressing because of one or two games, or not being able to match a better conference opponent following a Valpo like opponent.
  7. I'm a huge fan of the recent additions of MVSU & Valpo to the non-conference schedule. Simply put, I don't think there's enough incentive given (from playoff committee) for UND to try to stack their non-conference schedule with an FBS game and 2 FCS powers. I look at the non-conference schedule as a place to build momentum going into conference play. I prefer they play their non-conference schedule more conservative. Edit: By conservative, I'm talking one big FBS game for a check and other two home games against lower level FCS programs.
  8. Adidas basketball uniforms, at least a few years ago were terrible. Not sure if they've went away from this style.
  9. http://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/4285552-unds-geno-crandall-arrested-suspicion-dui Let this dumpster fire of an off season roll on.
  10. Care to give a guess on where he'll end up?
  11. I'm really excited to see what the coaching staff can do this year, with the success last year and the hype coming into the season (Pre-season Top 5, couple Pre-season All Americans), we are in uncharted territory as far as what the coaching staff can sell from a hype standpoint.
  12. With the UofM sniffing around, would like to see him get locked up sooner than later.
  13. Saw he took an unofficial visit to the UofM today. Clearly one of the Top Bantam players in the upper midwest, was a finalist for Youth Hockey Hub's bantam POY. Quick social media search, it appears 1/2 the people he follows on twitter are either UND players / UND affiliated handles, so it's a safe assumption he's a UND fan. You'd think the coaches would want to see him play HS hockey, but with the way recruiting is these days, they might offer before that. Edit
  14. Just to clarify, UND didn't offer either of NDSU's two early commitments. Not saying they would have committed to UND if offered or that they aren't going to be great players, but they didn't offer.
  15. Correct, not only keeping the likes of Butcher an extra year, but finding the "tweener" players that need that extra year. I think it's generally accepted that if a player is ready and will play in the NHL the following year, it's time to go. Of the 8 players that have left UND the following two season, 6 will have played (counting Poolman) in the NHL. Let's compare Borgstrom / Terry to Jost / Boeser. Denver will get an extra year, where UND does not, but I believe both Jost / Boeser are better prepared to play in the NHL (& they will) this upcoming year. Comparable players in college, but UND's duo is more prepared to step into the NHL. BU & Wisconsin are currently making waves recruiting tons of top end talent, which is exciting when you are comparing recruits, but having that much turnover year after year (thinking in future for Wisconsin based on new coaches philosophy), won't get the job done in the tournament when you have so much turnover year and year. You need the top end guys (which UND has), but also a nice balance of 3 & 4 year guys with experience. UND making the playoffs for the past 15 years is enough evidence that they are doing things the right way, the philosophy the coaching staff has works.