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  1. COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    No doubt on the first one, I'd be interested in a player that didn't score a lot in juniors that put up points in college. Of course there's always going to be outliers in every case, but I'd think for the most part, you'd rather have players that actually perform in juniors. I can get on board with this. I also realize you need players that play different roles and it seems UND does recruit this better than almost anyone. I've mentioned this before, but it's not specifically Keane by himself that I question, it's bringing in 2 others that also can't get on the score sheet as overagers. Ultimately, I know this coaching staff will do what's best, so I'm out of the conversation. I
  2. COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    That's true and I'm looking strictly at stats, but have you seen anything prior to his injury in Penticton (few points) or his two years in Sioux City, that would point to him as a contributor at the D1 level?
  3. COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    Interesting, he did tweet out a picture of him signing his NLI not too long ago, so would be surprised if things changed that quickly. He is one of 3 that haven't seemed to pick up their play in juniors, so I don't think it would necessarily be a bad thing for UND if they agreed it didn't work out.
  4. I'll include 29 into the conversation with 22 of players a lot of posters didn't think were any good. The people getting on 29 a month into his college career were ridiculous, let the guy settle in. I think 22 has been awesome for some time. He might not be the conventional #1 Center, but he's solid. It's nice to see 29 start to get more comfortable with the game. Still pretty snake bitten, but he'll be a scorer for this team sooner than later.
  5. University of North Dakota Hockey 2017-18 Season

    Injuries are part of the game and the break can't come soon enough for this team to hopefully get healthy. That said, this has helped get everyone playing time, which will pay off down the road. Every member of the team has played this year with Rieger at 6 having the lowest total. I really did like what Gornall brought to the table and he would have contributed this year, but him leaving early will be a blessing going forward. Basically you are trading Weatherby for Gornall next year, which should be a net positive for the team. Also, like I mentioned above, it's getting guys like Rieger playing time they would have not otherwise.
  6. Prospective Sioux Recruits

    I'll take UND's chances going against SCSU for a recruit 10 out of 10 times, I'd be shocked in Randklev picks SCSU over UND and Minnesota.
  7. Prospective Sioux Recruits

    Looks like Minnesota is throwing their hat in the ring for Randklev.
  8. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Broncos - FRIDAY Gameday

    Exactly, have no problem with the disallowed goal. This appeared to be a classic make sure the PP's are even at the end type game. Some seem to have a short memory when talking about officials and poorly called games. The problem is as a group I don't want UND fans to look like the "refs are always against us" type crowd. IMO there was a huge difference between last night and Saturday in Denver (and pretty much any game in UND history and Saturday night in Denver). Brandt did say it with about 10 left when UND couldn't capitalize, you knew the next time the refs could, they were going to call something on UND, which I understood. Kind of snow balled from there, thought the call on Shaw was weak, but the next one of Wolanin was definitely a hold. Then of course the dive at the end, which at full speed, you can't blame the refs, given the sell job by WMU. Overall, great win by UND, I know it's still December, but tonights game has huge implications. WMU is a good team and UND doesn't travel to the Zoo this year, a sweep would go very far in the overall picture of the year. The NCHC is tough, need to sweep at home.
  9. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Broncos - FRIDAY Gameday

    We did see the replay, I am a little confused with the no-contact crowd. Zero contact to the legs, but it did look like Garnders elbow clipped him in the side. Edit: And by side, it was more the WMU player was already slightly passed him, so it would have been side / back. That being said, I'd need to see a different angle, because it's possible there was no contact as Garnders elbow would have just skimmed him from what it looked like on the replay.
  10. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Broncos - FRIDAY Gameday

    The only way I could see this as a possibility is if you watched it live, then immediately shut off the tv before they showed the replay multiple times. I can agree that live it looked bad, until you see the replay where it's not possible to conclude there was any contact with the legs. It was a very good dive, Garnder's elbow clipped him.
  11. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Broncos - FRIDAY Gameday

    Didn't you catch the replay the multiple times they showed it after?
  12. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Broncos - FRIDAY Gameday

    I'll never understand it, but Dipietro needs to pick his spots a little better, maybe wait for the NCAAs to put on a show like that. The officials with obviously review and see how outrageous the dive was, should be a marked player in their eyes moving forward.
  13. COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    I was just talking about the guys who will be here next year, but a Rizzo / Blaisdell class coming out of the BCHL in 2 years would be phenomenal. Both have the same stat line of 4-10-14 in what would be their junior high school year.
  14. COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    Looking at next years recruits currently playing in the BCHL you have: Weatherby: Tied for first in points w/ 41. Second in goals with 21 Tychonick: Tied for fourth in points for a defenseman w/ 23 (as an '00 much younger than leaders who go '97, '98', 97', 98') Scheel: Best GAA at 1.88, 2nd in SV% at .936 Nice forward, defenseman, goalie combination with that group. Now, it's on the rest of the group to pick up their numbers.