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  1. Just thinking that's why he wasn't protected. He should be a unrestricted free agent.
  2. Isn't Oshie a free agent?
  3. Hard to blame teams for trying to get something for their players.
  4. I'm honestly not sure how it all works. I was just wondering.
  5. In order to have a RS pulled I would hope that a player would have a significant role on offense or defense. So do the guys on here with knowledge believe that will be the case for any of our true freshman?
  6. I have no idea how it works. I was just assuming with the money involved that all pro sports must have some kind of insurance against injuries.
  7. Don't teams have some kind of insurance for situations like this?
  8. Slightly below average.
  9. C'mon now, Roosevelt83 has made it very clear that he has no idea who DaveK is.
  10. That's exactly what he did. Compared how both programs are similar in almost every single way.
  11. It's too early to declare anyone the champion yet. Denver is a team I'd expect to see in the picture at the end of the year. (As it stands currently)
  12. As long as they're bringing in the right guys nothing else should matter.
  13. I'm happy for Carter as well. Also hard to cheer against Cullen after last year. He brought the cup to Moorhead and all the kids got to take a picture with him and the cup. He also signed them all before we got them back.
  14. Fire Sully, trade Murray. This is B.S.
  15. The Irish people, the church, and god.