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  1. As a fan, not much you can do about the way your team plays. I am a little disappointed in your coaching staff though, especially considering where they came from.
  2. I like the conference homer myself. With us to win of course.
  3. Union helped me get over 0.6 so I put them higher. Kept the Big6 teams on the bottom. I personally wouldn't move OSU up.
  4. Air Force Western Michigan Michigan Tech Union Harvard Cornell Providence Mass-Lowell Notre Dame DU OSU Penn State BU UMD Minnesota
  5. I don't think the last two penalties on us were good calls. Also it should have been a penalty on UMD for holding Shaw's stick on the game winner.
  6. Chicago just scored 4 in the 3rd against Colorado to take a 5-3 lead. Toews was offside for one of them, don't know how it wasn't overturned.
  7. I hate that idea, but it seems to be the way the game is going.
  8. I think I'd rather be the 3 in any other bracket.
  9. Thank you.
  10. USAFA BC Harvard Penn State BGSU North Dakota
  11. A "little" violent, we've seen some more intense things from our boys and some other teams.
  12. The end of the BU/BC game got a little violent. Maybe some guys get a game suspension.
  13. Good job boys winning to guarantee a spot in the national tourney, but while you're there might as well win the whole thing.
  14. Gornall, Wilkie, Shaw in. Hoff (injury), Yon, Casey Johnson out.