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  1. Gameday: UND vs Da other Bears

    Nah not the wizard....just Mom and Dad in the stands this time
  2. Improving the game day experience

    Can never have too much cowbell
  3. Improving the game day experience

    No noisemakers?!?! How does that improve the game day experience? Is my Fighting Hawks cowbell now outlawed?? I thought it helped contribute to at least two false starts last year after my voice gave out!!
  4. Rings

    Be patient...UND will make this right... On to the Look Alikes Thread where you guys are already in Mid-Season form!!!!!!
  5. Rings

    You have taken good care of them and are justifiably proud to post them. They're Nice!! It's a little late...but Congratulations!! Note: In the current environment there is no assurance a National Championship gets these Hawks a ring unless the FCS buys them.
  6. Rings

    I'll ask UND Compliance....
  7. Rings

    Pretty much....amateurism rules on gifts and such. (sans Reggie Bush)
  8. Rings

    I "think" the only allowable options are: 1) School purchase 2) Student/Parent purchase
  9. Rings

    FWIW: Hawk logo was put on HPC during Spring Break for about $35K....
  10. Rings

    Max NCAA will allow a school to spend on a Conference Championship ring is $315 each....$415 for a National Championship ring.
  11. 2017 Season

    New Roster Pics are posted! New Roster Pics are posted! New Roster Pics are posted!
  12. 2017 Season

    2017 Football Media Guide is posted on the UND Football page...
  13. Greetings from Salt Lake

    Easy...You know that's his shtick/gimmick
  14. Adidas deal in the works?

    There are several Tweets floating out there (didn't want to post it on a UND Forum out of respect) with EWU flaunting their 2016 BigSky Champ Rings...they look pretty nice...Although a ring with the new Fighting Hawk Logo would look nicer!!!!! Someone mentioned if you're playing for a ring then your priorities are skewed (or something like that). I Agree, in the voice of Herm Edwards, "YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME!!" The ring is just a symbol of achieving a level of success (like the BigSky Trophy). Anyway, I have no problem buying my "Little Johnny" a ring with an approved Fighting Hawk design if it is available. Maybe not a big deal now....looking back in a few years it could be an opportunity missed. As for funding, I understand UND is cash strapped (broke) and their Boosters already give plenty; they are not a money tree!! Besides, the NCAA would probably have a **it fit about it!!! Any designers wanna whip up some prototype design suggestions???
  15. Adidas deal in the works?

    In soccer they award these!!