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Joe Finley of "North Dakota State"


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The UW article that reports that Joe Finley will have to send a written apology to "Bucky" indicates that Joe plays for "North Dakota State." So, apparently, the Joe Finley that plays for UND will not have to write an apology after all. Who would of thunk it, a Joe Finley that plays defense for UND and a Joe Finley that plays defense for NDSU's club team. I'm glad there are two of them, because for a second there I was worried that we were getting some bad press. :angry::p

Seriously though, the only thing I'm wondering at this point is whether or not Bucky wears shin pads. I couldn't tell by looking at the picture of Bucky in the article. If he wasn't wearing shin pads, his shins may still be a bit tender.

Somebody better inform Bucky that whacking hockey players on the shin pads is a show of affection, as if to say "good job." At least that's what it means when I'm on the ice. I'm sure Bucky didn't say anything to provoke Joe, and I'm sure Joe was just showing a little affection. Joe simply assumed that Bucky would be wearing shin pads like the rest of his mates. Undoubtedly, Joe will clear up the misunderstanding in his letter. :lol:

Letter or no letter, I'm guessing that Bucky will skate a large circle around Joe if we happen to meet UW in the playoffs.

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Bucky understands drinking and cheering. Not hockey. That is why his shins are sore.

Goldy understands hockey and wears shin pads. Unfortunately Goldy can't do the Gwoz dance on the boards (albeit with skates on) without paying a severe penalty.

Bucky needs a liver transplant and Goldy needs a good shrink.

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I saw it too. It's in the Wisco article about the 'hit' (in another thread). It gave his name...Thomas or something like that.

I don't care who's inside the ugly Bucky outfit, but they're a huge wuss....

Also, story from when we went out to eat on Saturday night in Madison.... We went to a restaurant at the Doubletree Inn, pretty much Badger fans. As we were walking in, some guy was talking on the phone and he said "Oh a bunch of people from North Dakota State just walked in" I almost retorted back with "No, we're the University of North Dakota. There's a difference: One school kicks your @$$ in basketball, and the other one usually kicks your @$$ in hockey!" But of course I didn't say it because I didn't feel like getting beat up by a bunch of people in red :silly:

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