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We talk about old great players alot


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And how would that be done to make it fair? 80's guys are in their 40's or early 50's while the 90's guys are in their 30's.

Archie and Eades would kick Panzer's and Bochenski's butts if the game was on the line... :lol::D

Seriously, I don't know if it would be terribly lopsided. Take a look at some of the 80s players that still skate: Archibald, Eades, Berry, Hrkac, Kidd, Belfour... WOW! I'd bet a couple dollars that the game wouldn't be a blow-out... and the old guys will likely have Gino coaching them! :huh:

Suddenly, I'm really excited for a game that never will probably happen. It would be one helluva charity fundraiser, that's for sure.

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