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Fighting Sioux article from CSTV


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great article...and for all the haters from other programs that said i will believe it when they hit the ice in october and how dumb they are for passing up the nhl :glare: have fun watching them on the ice at arena near you

"We started talking after that game," Finley said. "We realized how special it was to see a group of guys accomplish something like that. It was very disheartening to us, obviously: we had seen ourselves in that position going into the tournament, had high hopes, expectations of bringing a banner back to North Dakota.

"Each guy started talking, `What are you going to do? What do you think you're going to do?' I remember saying, `Hey, you know what? The two reasons I came to North Dakota were to 1) win a national championship; and 2) to be a leader on a team that accomplishes something great. At this point in time, I can't X off either one of those off my list. I think after I spoke about that, I remember the other guys speaking about it, saying `Yeah, that's why we came to North Dakota.' Once we had talked about that amongst ourselves, we decided we're all in. You've got to be all in to accomplish something, and from that point forward, our excitement started to build."

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Here is an article about the Fighting Sioux from www.cstv.com---Visit My Website

My favorite part:

"It definitely adds something pretty special," Duncan said. "When you get players like that who decided to turn away from the pro game, even though I'm sure they had some lucrative offers, to come back, I think it speaks volumes about the program the University of North Dakota has, the community and the coaching staff, how guys want to stick around here and be part of something special."
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