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Heads Up and STRAIGHT AHEAD vs. Auggie!


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Straight from the horses mouth :) There is a nickname protest in the works outside the Alerus on Saturday with a group trying to pull the same crap another group did outside the Ralph last year...loud and vocal protesters inciting fans walking to the game and they'll be videotaping and selectively editing the "reactions" they get to forward on to the NCAA and media outlets.

If you see them - please don't give them fuel for the fire. You might want to let others know too. It's a real shame they can't see INCITING what they will portray as "racism" only serves to feed what they are trying to end. :)

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There were some protesters on campus yesterday. They had a big sign that said "Support UND, Change the Logo" or something like that. They were handing people flyers and something else. We stood near and watched them for a few minutes, politely speaking our minds just loud enough so that they could hear us. Then we started telling people not to take their stuff, and one guy said not to worry because he wouldn't. Then we got bored and left.

I don't know if it's going to be these same people or not, but if I run across them I may politely say what's on my mind and share my opinion.

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