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Top 10 NHL Colleges


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this guy imo does not need to be writing about ncaa hockey. UND is at #7 (TECH IS AT 6!). Maine is not on the list (as Chris points out on western coll. hockey blog). i dont think im being biased when i say that mtu should not be on the list, and und should be higher than 7. thoughts anyone?

10. CC

9. BC

8. DU

7. UND

6. MTU

5. UW

4. BU

3. MSU


1. UM

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Yes, those observation are true if you are basing them on potential to turn pro or make players NHL ready. The guy writing the article based his rankings on number of players from that school that have gone pro thus Michigan tech has more players so they are ahead of UND.

yeah, but tech sucks now. last season they had the best season in 28 years! and also, DU has more picks apparently, yet und is above them. i think that guy that wrote the article focused way too much on the past. for the most part, the list is good, but i would switch mtu with maine for the most part. maine has been better in its short life than mtu was back in the day. now matters more.

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I wonder what the list would be like if they only go back as far as the top colleges were fielding hockey teams.

What I mean is: Michigan and Minnesota both had hockey teams before UND did. I think UND had a hockey team before CC did (but I'm not sure). If we go from the latest arrival of these current 10 teams to the present, what would the list look like?

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