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Who is going to make noise Friday?


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Is our band going to travel to Minneapolis? I used to think they were annoying up at school because they were so loud in the old rink, but after the final five I changed my mind. It was good to hear them again. We are going to need all of the noise we can get to support our troops. I think our cheerleaders are hotter than they used to be, especially now that they are on the ice. Are they going to be there? How about Katie O'Keefe? She made the trip to the final five. What about our announcer who did the Sioux game at the final five, anybody notice that? What was his name again, Scott Hennen? Even if the band isn't there I still think we will make our presence felt. It will be interesting to see how many, if any gopher fans cheer for the Sioux. I am sure they would have their reasons though, possibly so they could play us thinking they could beat us, which they would be dead wrong. I know one thing is sure, you won't catch me cheering on the furs, especially since the other teams suck and we would rather see them do good. Only will I cheer for a wcha team when it comes to the frozen four, but not the gophers.

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Is anybody going to meet at Sally's for a few drinks before the game on Friday? It's the best bar within walking distance of the arena. I am sure that after the night game it will be packed with gopher fans and we will be looked down upon with our Sioux jersey's in there. I am up for it though if others are. Hopefully our band will be there, otherwise when we play the gophers on Saturday it will be just like a regular season game for them without the atmosphere of another school. Anybody know yet? I guess I might just have to wait until I get to the game. Isn't anybody on this site in the band or know somebody who is up at school?

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