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Here's how I think it will shake out. I'll be interested in seeing what all of you think.

Northeast Region (Worcester, MA)

(1) New Hampshire

(2) Boston U

(3) Harvard

(4) MSU-Mankato

Tough first-round matchup for the Wildcats, but with CC and Minnesota getting the #1 seeds out West, the first-round WCHA matchups need to be avoided. Heavy Beanpot flavor with BU-Harvard, which should ensure good attendance.

East Region (Providence, RI)

(1) Cornell

(2) Boston College

(3) Ohio State

(4) St. Cloud State

Cornell, being the stronger one-seed from the East draws the weaker of the #2 tier, at least according to PWR. Cornell and BC fans pack the house.

Midwest Region (Ann Arbor, MI)

(1) Colorado College

(2) Maine

(3) Michigan

(4) MAAC Winner

Looking at this draw, I wouldn't like Michigan's chances of getting out of Yost. Then again, that's what we thought about Denver last season.

West Region (Minneapolis, MN)

(1) Minnesota

(2) Ferris State

(3) North Dakota

(4) Wayne State

Goofs earn the #1 with the Saturday night win at the X. No empty seats at Mariucci this weekend.....last one out of Grand Forks, hit the lights and check the thermostat. Stub and Herbs, Sally's, this is your dream bracket.

There's my two cents. The underlying assumption: put as many rear-ends in the seats as possible at all sites. Your impressions.........

Finally, GO SIOUX!!!!

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