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UND Hockey in the late 60's and early 70's

farce poobah

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OK, so its Friday night at the Frozen Four, and "Ry-an Dun-can" had just won the Hobey Baker Award, to the very loud cheers of the assembled gathering, and the Skills Competition is about to begin, and the coach of the West team is announced as Bill Selman.

So I get to thinking, he was coach at UND in the late 60's, and left to ultimately coach St Louis University. But I bet he coached Bob Duncan about that time, and isn't that a cool connection. All this got me thinking about how little I know of that period of Sioux hockey history.

I'd be interested in what people know of that period in Sioux hockey history. Stories, info ... hey its the off season.

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I don't know if I remember many stories but I do recall that when we moved in to the Winter Sports Building that lots of people were complaining that people were dressing up to go there. It just didn't have the same atmosphere.

How about the time that our mascot, Kermit got stolen by another team. (I forget which one now) The said we had to sweep to get it back. We swept 'em.

The antics of the Farce were always interesting. They'd bring some big dollar bills and try to buy off the refs. I think it was Dewey Marcus that would talk to them and take the money and think about it.

One guy in the student section would bring an actual bullhorn.

Roger Lameroux told me that one time he was playing a game and got slightly dinged up. Rube Bjorkman told him to get back in the game on the next shift. Rube started to get on him and Roger's like "I gotta put my skate back on."

Not much good there but....

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