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saturday night officiating


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I thought it was terrrible. I don't noramally yell and scream at games, but I really took it to those refs on Saturday night. Zach and Brandon were constantly being pushed, tripped, or tackled, and the refs didn't really seem to care. I thought they made a lot of unfair calls against us, and not enough calls on Denver.

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Derek Shepperd is brutal, as is most of the officiating in the WCHA. Don Adam is the worst and Shepperd is a close second. Unfortunately, even Mike Schmitt, Robin Anderson and Mason allow too much interference and obstruction. Over the past few years, the league officials have allowed the clutch-and-hold, hooking and mugging without calling penalties. In Friday night's game, the shots were 17-15. That is not all team defense, its obstruction and interference. Wisconsin, Denver, St. Cloud and Duluth have played this way for years because they do not have the skill or team speed and they can get away with it. Frankly, its worse now in the WCHA than in the NHL which is quite an indictment. The NHL is far from perfect, and that style of play is what caused Mario Lemieux to retire once. The problem is that it allows the less-skilled teams to neutralize the skill players and gain an unfair advantage. It also means that the bigger, slower player will have a greater impact than a smaller, quicker player with more skills. It will ruin the college game if they allow the teams to play that way, and ultimately, it will trickle down to younger players.

If you heard the interview with J.P. Parise, he also mentioned that he was shocked by the amount of interference and obstruction that occurs in the college game, particularly the WCHA. If it continues, why would a prospect like Zach Parise choose college over major juniors or the minors? Zach is constantly getting held to the point that it looks like he's wearing the other teams' jersey or needs a saddle.

I mentioned this to Randy Schmidt, and he did not disagree. He said that the meetings after the year would be "interesting."

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