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ESPNU on Midcontinent


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ESPN is basically dumping all the stuff to ESPNU to get cable co's to pick it up. There was a near riot in Ohio when last week's Ohio State game was on ESPNU and very few cable companies carry it.

There is no incentive for Midco to carry it, and in my personal opinion I don't believe that Midco isn't very user friendly. On the flip side, If it wasn't for College hockey I am sure most of us would never watch ESPNU because most of us could give a rats butt about some eastern school in an eastern sport, play what ever sport they are playing, I could care less how North Eastern is doing Football or Soccer...

Midco doesn't want to give us anything for free, I suppose we could all email them, and tell them how disappointed we are with them. I mean I suppose I could get dish network and some other internet provider.

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