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Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve


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UND would like to invite businesses and all employed personnel to help start a new tradition of wearing GREEN every Friday. The "wear your heart on your sleeve" campaign was created in part to put on display the great pride our community has for the University of North Dakota. In "wearing your heart on your sleeve," the showing of UND pride can be a shirt, neck-tie or any other tasteful way to wear your GREEN. This is a tradition that will be carried year-round on every Friday.

Sounds like a good idea to me.

*wears green everyday*

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Sounds lke a great thing to do, although I wear green almost everyday! Today I am wearing my "Devils Lake SATANS Forever" sweatshirt, but tomorrow I'll be back to Sioux gear.

I have my employees wear green "GO SIOUX" t shirts on game days.

Satans...best high school nickname EVER!

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