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I remember going to a volleyball game in college now and then. There were usually about 100 fans and not so many wins. Though I don't know much about them, gotta give props to this year's volleyball team.

They're now 21-2, including the first win over NDSU in 65 matches! The last win over NDSU was in 1976, before the NCC even had women's sports. The attendance at this year's victory over NDSU was 1212, a UND record.

UND's only conference loss so far was to conference leader, Augustana, who is currently undefeated in the conference. UND gets a chance to even the score TONIGHT in Augustana.

However, Augustana is apparently quite a powerhouse. In addition to having an 18-game winning streak against UND, they've won the last 11 matches in three games (including the game at UND earlier this Fall).

Congrats, ladies, and good luck!

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And they sweep SD tonight (#10 SD, I think I heard). Don't know if "sweep" is a correct VB term for winning in straight games (not even sure how many that is, 3???)

I don't know the correct terminology either, but the winner of a match is the team that wins 3 of 5 games. Unfortunately, UND was actually swept (24-30, 27-30, 24-30) by SDSU tonight :D

Since I went to college, volleyball has apparently switched to what's called rally scoring. That means that someone gets a point on every serve. Traditonally, you can only score when you served, and you play to 15. In rally scoring, whoever wins each serve gets a point, and you play to 30. I've seen one college game in rally scoring (UW vs. Penn State) and don't like it nearly as much. The problem is that once a team is behind 7 points or so, there's no coming back. It used to be that you could stage a reasonable comeback because even if your opponent gets a "sideout", you just have to get the serve back without allowing a point. Now that sideout is a point instead.

Apparently the switch to rally scoring was because matches under rally scoring last a predictable length, making them more suitable for television :p

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