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I heard that they will serve beer in the stands, but there is no offical contract signed yet.

Alerus wants alcohol in seats

New contract in works between UND and Alerus Center; alcohol a major topic


I believe you should be able to have beer in the seats just like Engelstad Arena and other Alerus Center events.

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Starting today, fans can have their beer and drink it, too, while they watch UND football games inside the Alerus Center.

UND and Alerus negotiators have come to terms with a new contract for university use of the city-owned events center that expands policies allowing alcoholic beverages in the arena.

Before, alcoholic beverages were allowed only in designated beer gardens away from the action on the field. The new policy brings the Alerus Center more in line with policies UND has in its contract with Ralph Engelstad Arena, where other UND teams play.

The contract has not been signed by either party and is being reviewed by legal counsel for UND and by Grand Forks City Attorney Howard Swanson.

"There is a letter of understanding between the Alerus Center and UND that says we have a negotiated contract in principle," said Charlie Jeske, general manager for the Alerus Center.

Officials from UND who took part in the negotiations did not immediately respond to requests for interviews about the contract settlement.

GF herald article

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