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The Day the Dinosaurs Died - in Bowman, ND


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The state should sponsor a museum in Dickinson about this soon to be famous site in Bowman, ND.


 I’m a creationist, but this all meshes with the flood story.  The Book of Genesis says there was a firmament of water above as well as below.  That water above, which might have been ice crystals, would have shielded the earth from cosmic rays at creation, suddenly producing all kinds of radioisotopes (like C-14), making the earth seem millions of times older, as preflood there would not be many isotopes numerically as there are now.  The asteroid destroyed the firmament, creating the flood.  Suddenly, people and animals live a shorter lifespan because the earth’s environment is much less hospitable.

A rainbow was never seen by Noah except after the flood, so something changed in our Sky.  A firmament also enables everywhere on earth to become a  tropical climate, even where sunshine was rare.

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