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NDSU email scandal - emails delated intentionally by Bresciani


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The story about the firing of NDUS's Kirsten Franzen is breaking.


Supposedly she says the Bresciani's emails were intentionally deleted, and she was fired for saying that. Bresciani's emails would have caused a firestorm in the state, so NDUS officials decided to fire Franzen first to save their own hides.

In 2012, I submitted a FOIA request to NDSU for any email from an NDSU president to The Summit leagues Douple about the Fighting Sioux nickname. NDSU claimed that Chapman's and the now Bemidji St Presidents emails had been deleted. They also claimed that Bresciani had no emails to Douple on any subject, which was a lie, as he received others that I got ahold of from other Slummit schools.

The theory is that Kelley worked with the NDSU Presidents to concoct a scheme where Douple would say the Summit League was against the Fighting Sioux nickname. That can only be a Presidential decision against a school, not Douple's. Douple himself admitted to Jeff Kolpack that UND has wanted him to come out against the name. The theory is that the SBoHE was in part behind this, as well as Kelley and Chapman, when the decree by Douple first came out.

None of the other Summit League Presidents outside of the Dakotas ever had any mention of the Sioux nickname issue in their emails, but numerous other discussions were prevalent. Remember that Bresciani was livid at Douple because Douple gave that interview with Kolpack where Douple said UND wanted him to be against the nickname. Bresciani and probably the SBoHE wanted Douple fired because of that interview, but the other Slummit Presidents gave him a raise instead.

There's dirty business among the SBoHE, Kelley, and Bresciani about the nickname. An innocent person has been fired and her reputation tarnished because of these people. May justice reign and the liars exposed and may the SBoHE be an honorable organization again.

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Like it or not, the Franzen story is out there now.

The anti-NDUS folks will use this as an excuse to keep digging, and they'll find something, real or not. 



Former NDUS official claims she was fired for saying Bresciani deleted emails on purpose


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