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Tribute to Bob Suter, May He Rest in Peace

farce poobah

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Sad news out of Madison:




My first experience with Bob Suter came at the old Winter Sports Building on UND campus.   He was a truly fiery competitor, and the nightly trash talk during warmups got raised a notch between UND fans and him.   (I'm recalling the glass was then low enough to allow spectators to talk over the glass with players and officials. [sigh]).   I'm sure that competitive fire will burn on in his son, Ryan Suter.


On the lighter side, one memory stands out.   Bob took a lot of penalties one Friday night, and so on Saturday we offered him a "Change of Address" form from the US Postal Service.  It was filled out, and it would forward his mail to "Visitor Penalty Box, Winter Sports Building, Grand Forks, ND 58202".  


He laughed.

2 minutes later, went back out to continue the battle.


And 2 years later, he would be integral to the Miracle on Ice.


Rest in peace, Bob Suter.

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Sad news indeed, farce. I was 9 years old when the "Miracle on Ice" took place. Didn't know anything about hockey at that point in my life but understood the importance of the moment anyways. Bob Suter and the rest of that team instilled a sense of pride back into America by finishing off the ultimate cinderella story and winning a gold medal. Rest in peace, Bob Suter. Very sad day in the hockey world.

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