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For Sale..DU tickets at DU 12/12 &12/13. Other DU ticket info as


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Hello All


I completed a 20 ticket group order for both nights.  I have 10 seats that are available for sale each night.  They are $35 a seat.  That's what I paid with service fees etc. 


I want these tickets to go to Sioux fans!!!!!!!


Section 6 below row 11 both nights.  These tickets are right above the glass so your view will be unobstructed by the glass


Sorry don't remember exact rows.  I will have the tickets in hand next week as they will mail on Monday.  I will update this email then


Other ticket info...


I just spoke with the DU ticket office.  They are running the same ticket mini plan as they did last year so there may not be any individual game tickets for sale.  If there are singles left, they will not go on sale until Mid November.


The lowest row available on the UND Champ CLUB promo through DU is row 25 in section 5 and those will go quick.  There are only 29 rows in that side of the arena.



PM me if you are interested in buying tickets.  I can mail them to you or I can meet you in Northern Colorado. 


Noco Sioux

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