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There is nowhere on this site that tells you you are NOT signed in! I sign in and check it to stay that way!

I go to a blog and write for along time, I'm not a great typer, I press submit and it says "you are not authorized to submit this, you must sign in"!!!!!

So I sign in and everything I just wrote is GONE!

Happens all the time! This time before submitting, I copied what I wrote, than of course it happened again and than I went to paste and the box to write in wouldn't let me paste!

I this me? Or is this a clitch?

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You should be able to see in the upper right corner whether you're signed in or not. In the black bar, it will either show your name (if you are signed in) or the text "sign in" (if you aren't).

When you do sign in and ask it to remember who you are, it's supposed to remember you forever as long as you visit the Board at least every 7 days. If you don't visit for 7 days, you have to login again.

Its ability to remember who you are is based on cookies, so if you have configured your browser to reject cookies or to delete them each time you close your browser or anything like that, it will forget who you are when those cookies are deleted.

Finally, if you have composed a reply but aren't signed in, the screen that tells you to sign in also gives you instructions on how to preserve your post. Because some browsers will discard the text you've typed if you hit the back button, the page includes a copy of your post that you can copy to the clipboard before signing in. It appears that the post will require a bit of reformatting after you paste it back in, but you don't lose the text.

Hope this helps!

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